My name is Cianna, and this is my blog! You will find a variety of topics on the blog, but feel free to navigate to your interests, or click on “blog” to get all my posts at once!

I’m currently a Freelance Podcast Producer & Marketing Advisor, with a passion for social media. If you are looking for help with your digital presence, your podcast, your blog, or any social media channels, feel free to check out the “Hire Me” tab!

I am also a blogger, so you’ll find a variety of topics organized on the menu from health & fitness, recipes, product reviews, and book reviews. From time to time there will be some random blog posts on my life, Colorado, my hobbies and many other things!

Thanks for joining me, and hope you enjoy!

Hope you’re excited to be on this journey with me!



  1. Thank you for your wonderful review of my novel, Bond of Love. I am so happy that you enjoyed it, as well as my use of creative metaphors. Your thoughtful words and honest review is very encouraging. Thank you again! Author Amy Suzanne

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