Today I went to a meeting for the Board of Directors for the National Repertory Orchestra. We introduced ourselves, and discussed where we went to school, what we majored in, and what we were doing here this summer. I think it’s still funny to this day, when I tell people my major is Electronic Media Production that they aren’t even sure what it is, and I think that’s partly because it’s such a vague degree title. Most of us have a focus, be it editing, production, television, movies, radio, audio ect. We like to separate ourselves, but the university likes to just lump us together.

For me, I’m a EMP major with a focus on production and in studio work and scriptwriting, and a minor in writing. I’m a pretty odd bird, because I enjoy writing and most EMP students don’t write. They storyboard, they may pitch but they don’t write the way that I love to write. I place a strong importance on words, and to me, they equal the power of video, because without something good behind it, video will fall flat.

i’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a new, About the NRO that the video intern does every summer. Last year was only the first year we had a video intern, so the shoes are still barely worn, but her video was lovely, and explained the NRO for what it is, an intense learning orchestra which is non profit and tries to give back to their community as much as possible. This organization is lovely, and is such a strong member of the small community that is Breckenridge and Summit County.

So, as for ideas.. I’m stumped, hopefully, seeing them in concert will help something come to mind


Until Next Time 🙂

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