My experience with Winter in Colorado Springs

I lost a whole blog post already, and believe me, that one was funny, clever, and a downright shame to have been lost to the universe.

But the whole idea is that this is my first winter in a high elevation, and I love it. One should not fear the high elevation of Colorado (ok, maybe if you’re from Florida, but I have a friend that lives in Breck who’s a born and raised Floridian! She’s doing just fine).  The winter at this elevation is quite tame compared to the snowmaggedon I’m used to in Ohio. Four years of trekking around a college campus taught me basic survival skills and the ability to layer more clothes then you could think possible, but I’m off topic..

Colorado Springs in the Winter.. A photo collection by me.


65 degrees, sunny


Sunday.. snow.. I walked a half an hour to the market, we were out of food, and I was fearing for my life, because in Ohio, you never want to be out of food in a snow storm, it can last 6 months!ImageImageImageImage


The snow stopped, the blue skies came back, and you just get to see the pretty snow on the Cheyenne Mountains.


Welcome to my favorite (ok, third favorite, Breckenridge and Virginia Beach are still leading) city in the U.S.A… My new home! 🙂

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