Tax Time and Bloglovin!

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I think they shouldn’t let you graduate college unless you can file your own taxes. I think this should be the biggest prerequisite ever. As you can tell, I am filing my taxes for the first time on my own (well, with basic turbo tax online for Federal) and I’m so beyond lost! I don’t suggest filing your taxes for the first time at 23, having worked half a year in one state that does deal with local tax and the other half in another state, and at any time, do not work more then 2-3 jobs. I’ve worked 5 this year, so I have 5 W-2s to manage, and one hasn’t even shown up yet, and their helpline is completely unhelpful to us who have lost our User IDs. I want to get my refund fast, so I can get something bills paid down but it’s so confusing, mainly the local tax issue, because I lived in Kent, and worked in Kent & Stow, but for some reason, Niles still wants income tax! I’m trying to sort it all out this week and file but I don’t want to file incorrectly.

Being an adult is a hassle, though the TurboTax for Federal was great, it’s too expensive for the states and doesn’t deal with local!

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