Dwellable Travel App! Saving my butt!

So, Dwellable came out with a new app, to help you find rental places and travel sites all across the country! Now, you may say to yourself, why should I care? I use (insert random travel site here that doesn’t give you all the information so you regret your trip on day one) and that’s it! No, no, no! Live on the edge, try this great app for your apple product (and soon your android too)! You won’t regret it, but if you still need proof.. read on!

Let me tell you, have you even seen Breckenridge, CO? I bet most of you are saying “Uh.. no, aren’t those just really snowy mountains? I can’t ski! I hate the cold”

Well, let me shed some light there by showing you some personal pictures of Breckenridge in the summer, taking by me.. not a professional!


They have an orchestra, rock concerts, amazing food, great hikes, and are extremely pet friendly, and have beautiful rental properties! So, after seeing this, say you want to visit Breckenridge?

Dwellable’s app, which you can read about straight from the source here, can hook you up! It’s simple, I could use it first thing in the morning, without my glasses! The pictures are beautiful, as well, showing you a great idea of where you’ll be staying!

See these amazing examples of the app (it’s showing Hawaii because my phone wasn’t willing to do screenshots today) It’s user friendly! My family (60+ years old) just used this app to book places to stay as they were traveling out to visit me in Colorado from Ohio! It’s simple! They are in love with the place they are currently staying and keep raving about it!

Image  (I’ve dreamed about these places)                   Image     (I love the email the owner feature!)                                  Image (Dwellable is right, this house is amazing!)

This app is simple to use, so tech wary friends, I promise, you will not have nightmares of this app haunting you! It’s tech friendly, family friendly, and “Let’s get the heck away from home” friendly! 🙂 Right now, they have over 80,000 property locations to look at, and more keep coming! I promise you won’t find an easier way to book a trip! Tap, read, and pick!

Plus, a lot of the properties are reviewed by independent free bloggers like me, and many others, who have stayed there and blogged about how they loved the property, the sights, and especially the local food! 🙂

Check it out, with or without your glasses or first cup of morning coffee, you’ll love this app, even just for the pictures, but fair warning, those pictures are going to make you want to get up and go! 🙂

And once you do go, tell me about it! Or blog about it! 🙂 Include pictures, of nature, and the food! 😉

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