Summer in Colorado

   Unfortunately, the hot weather that makes a wonderful summer in Colorado also makes it dangerous for fires. Right now, we have two fires burning, though one, near the Royal Gorge, is starting the die down now, but the Black Forest one has burned through 8,000 acres so far. Please keep the people in this area in your prayers, as 40-60 homes have burned down so far, and people are losing so much.

  But in other lighter news, I made some awesome “encharitos” last night, a mix of a burrito and an enchilada, and a mix of two recipes I found online, one i posted on here a couple weeks ago, and the other here. Both sounded good, but I had some of the stuff for the burritos, but love pouring sauce over top of them and baking them a bit to melt the cheese and sauce! 🙂 

Recipe, of my creation, and pictures to be up soon. We have 3 still leftover too, well, 2 now, as my boyfriend just ate one for breakfast, and a little container of leftover filling which I can’t wait to pour over some chips! 🙂

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