I keep forgetting to upload the recipe for the encharitos I made, but I’ll have it up soon with pictures! Also, a lot of great book news coming this way. I’ve got a few more good books in the list that I plan on sharing with you! 🙂 All different kinds and I’m super excited to get them read. I love reading, just so exciting.

Our next book club meeting is the 29th, and we’re discussing The Help by Kathryn Stockett and Marked by P.C Cast & Kirsten Cast. I’ve previously read about 5 in the House of Night series, and have enjoyed them quite a bit, so I was glad to see my book club suggesting all kinds of books. I think The Help and Marked are nice variation, and it’s good to allow people to to choose one of two books, or both and then be able to participate in the discussion of their book of choice, instead of focing people into books they aren’t interested in. 🙂 I’m exciting, it’s looking like we’ll have 7 people at book club, which would be a great number. I love meeting new people and it’s been so hard meeting people my age, as there’s basically none at my work, and I’m not in any other groups or clubs yet, though I’ve been looking into some on MeetUp! 


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