Author Spotlight: The Ashtray Volume 1

So, today I’ll be featuring a spotlight on the authors of a collection of short stories entitled The Ashtray, Volume 1 which you can check out on Amazon by clicking on the title.

I’m currently reading this lovely collection of stories, and hope to have a review of it by this weekend, but I can tell you so far, I’m loving the stories, and that they are not lighthearted, but definitely something we can all relate to.

The authors are 3 women, Nicole, Elizabeth and Joan who through their collective experience have written an interesting, though provoking collection of stories that calls out to women in the 20’s and 30’s in such a strong way!

About the authors:


Nicole Diver, Elizabeth Luna, and Joan W. Jones met at the University of Texas at Austin, where they studied English Literature. They graduated in the Spring of 2011 and began working on The Ashtray the following year. They currently live and write in Austin, Texas.

Ashtray Cover

The book is set in present day Austin, Texas, The Ashtray follows the unique perspectives of young women in their twenties through three vignettes. In these self-destructive and trivial dramas, the authors ultimately illustrate pervading issues of modern society with raw wit and humor. The Ashtray features illustrations by Andrew Craft as well. Which are beautiful, imaginative and capture the stories in such a youthful way.

The Ashtray is set to be a series of books, with this just as the first of many to come.  I am sure with the unique perspective and haunting voice of these ladies, we’ll be seeing a few more volumes of The Ashtray.

For a sample of the wonderful writing of these ladies check out the Ashtray Prologue, and then check out their book on Amazon!

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