Giveaway Winners! :) Thanks for joining our giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who participated! 🙂 Winners are as follows! Remember don’t unfollow because you didn’t win! They’ll be another giveaway soon! 🙂

Winner of the ‪#‎BookTrailer‬ by Puddingtane – Peter John. Please reach out to Puddingtane via their Facebook or website to get your trailer set up.

Winner of $5 Amazon Gift Card by Puddingtane also: Tiffany Clark! message Puddingtane on their Facebook to set up receiving your gift card! 

Winners of eBook of Ties That Bond by Merilyn Dignum are: Brooke Lohmeir and Steph Destiny. Please message the page and let them know you won this giveaway and she’ll get you your copies! 

Winners of eBook ‪#‎Branded‬ by Authors: Abi and Missy are:
Tracey Rigg, Rebecca Anne Edwards, Wendi Rhodes, Christinie Dougherty, Carolyn Johnson, Nicki Bland, Angela Ingham, Amber McCallister, Joy Whiteside, Lee Todd

Please email me at to get your eBook copy of Branded!


Thanks for supporting indies! 🙂

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