Fireblade Spotlight – J.D Sims Author

Fireblade is  recent addition to my To-Read list. Heavy in the fantasy, it stands out as an exciting read! 🙂 Read on for cover picture, some blurbs about the book, about the author and how he came up with this exciting story.

About Fireblade:


Two hundred years have passed since the great war. Evil magick and violence still ravage the lands of Vercinnor. Human kind wars with elves, the Wyzaerds have all but vanished from Terralea and darkness blackens the horizon. A young elf, Aicanaro, must walk a path between light and darkness where only he can govern his true destiny. As a nomadic assassin, diplomat and General, Aicanaro is tested and tempered in the flames of battle. By blade and fire, Aicanaro mitigates his heart and quiets his rage on the front line against evil. The war selects its champions carefully, reluctant as they may be. Out of the inferno and ash an unlikely legend is born who may be the only hope for all of Terralea. Fireblade is the first book of the series which chronicles the life of Aicanaro from his humble and tragic beginnings through his struggles with life, death, love and hate. The war between the elves and humans quickly approaches its climax as, on the fringe, the dark elven race; the Sha’edyri, vie for their piece of Vercinnor. Aicanaro must become a legend to return peace to the land. But will the cost be too high to pay? Will the once clear lines of good and evil blur beyond recognition, or will the war end all of Terralea before there is a chance for peace?

A little bit from the author, his inspiration, his hobbies! 🙂

“I started writing long ago with poetry, short stories, little anecdotes, fake news articles. It was something to get the words from my mind out. To articulate what I was thinking when I was told not to speak. This particular series, Fireblade, started in 1993 as a series of writings in my journals and notebooks.

Fireblade was inspired by the world around me. The music I listened to, the geopolitical situations, interactions with adults and kids, friends, family, and enemies. The canvas that was being painted by life around me helped form the words and world of Fireblade.

I have been writing this one series on and off for 20 years. But I have been writing in whole since I was 7, which is about 30 years. My first official book was called Taffy Apple . . . ZOOM! It was a five or six page picture and words book I did as a school project. Illustrated and laid out by myself and bound by my teacher. The stories grew from there and in an odd way foreshadowed me becoming an author.

I am from Colorado. I was born in Denver, grew up in Lakewood (with several trips to Buena Vista, Durango, Silverton, Telluride, Ouray, St. Elmo, Estes Park, Laffeyette, Boulder . . . . you get the idea). So I tell people I am from Colorado . . . makes it simpler.

I do have family. A rather large one at that. I’m adopted and have a sister from there. I have since met and gotten along very well with my biological family. I have a habit of gathering friends who become my extended family, and I am married with two kids of my own and a whole in-law family. It gets to be a bit confusing for people when I talk about my brother’s father (who is in essence my best friend’s father, but my best friend is more like a brother to me . . .) but we make it work.

Hobbies, well, I do have several hobbies. Acting, singing, swordplay, cosplay, filming and graphic design to name a few. I think they are fun. I have also dabbled in prop creation and some other hobbies. Fixing things around the house has gotten me quite addicted to building and the like. Of course, there is always reading.”


The book is a sort of coming of age story. Though this is only the first half. Really the series is a coming of age story, but for different ages, different milestones.
This first one is truly coming of age as in youth to young adult. It is about Aicanaro (Pronounced: Eye Khan Ah Row) a halfbreed male born into an elven home in a world where genocidal cold war exists between humans and elves. Several tragedies and triumphs lead him on a journey that puts his path to bringing the cold war to a hot war boiling point.

It is a series. As it stands now the outline is for a total of 9 books in this series. The second one is due out in the fall of this year, with the third the fall of 2014.

It is based on the world around me as I was writing. I have characters that were inspired by the people I grew up with, places inspired by my travels and vacations with my family. It is also inspired by concepts from books, movies, music, plays and all manner of influences. Most of the time I write the books with this phrase in mind . . . “What would happen if . . .”

Sounds amazing! I hope you’ll take a second to check out J.D Sims on Facebook and check out Fireblade on amazon as well! 🙂 It is definitely a must read.

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