My blog won! 🙂 Thank you Colleen!!!

Colleen Hoover


I know it’s a day early, but I have to catch a flight early in the morning, so if I don’t do this now it won’t get done.

We didn’t expect this type of turnout, that’s for sure.  Hundreds of entries came through and some are still coming through.  Wish I could keep it going forever, but alas…winners want to win.

Again, just want to thank the bloggers for all their tremendous support.  Congrats to the winners and I’ll be linking to all your pages in a few days.

Winners were chosen at random and can be found below based on the posts submitted.  If yours is a winning post, please email me at and let us know your name and the name of your blog so we can mark you off the list.  If you won a gift card, indicate if you would like itunes…

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