My Protected Dream Casing! @applegak

So I’ve been challenged to create a cast for Protected by Anna Applegate!

Challenge Accepted! 🙂


Ariya, main character.


“I have straight, long blonde hair, that really doesn’t fall any other way. I am long-legged and in fairly good shape. I have broad shoulders and I am muscular, which made me pretty good at almost any sport I’d tried when I was growing up. I’m not a bulky weight lifter or anything, I just like sports.”


Ashley, friend of main character


“I think every girl in our unit is a bit envious of Ashley. She has long brown hair that seems to always fall perfectly in loose curls. She is petite and bubbly, and, as she likes to put it, she loves to have fun.”


Caroline, best friend

“Caroline had shorter brown hair that she wore straight for the most part. She was built like me, tall and athletic. She was pale, which I attributed to the fact that she lived in places where the weather was on the colder side”


Devon, villain


“He looked pleasant enough with his luscious lips, ruffled brown hair, and dark brown eyes. At first glance, he was fairly attractive.”


Emma, addition character (don’t want to reveal too much)

Description: “Whoever she was, she was slender with extremely long hair that was curled at the ends. She had ice blue eyes. One look and I already didn’t like her.”


Helen, additional character

Description: “Helen was beautiful. She had a girl-next-door look about her. Her smile was genuine. Her beautiful, shiny, black hair hung just below her petite-framed shoulders.”


James, main male character

Description: “I couldn’t even think of a word to describe James. His light brown hair fell in his face ever so slightly and beautiful, light blue eyes with darker spots scattered throughout them looked back at me. I’d never seen eyes like his before. His skin was flawless and his jaw defined.”


Nick, Caroline’s boyfriend

Description: “He was handsome, tall with a ripped, muscular frame, and had blond shaggy hair.”



Best friend to Caroline and Ariya

Description: “Tall, dark, and handsome is how most people would describe him. He had hair that looked like a Ken doll’s, maybe just a shade darker.”

Well, what do you think? Have you read protected? You can see my review here. Check it out on amazon, and check out Anna Applegate’s website as well! This a great series you don’t want to miss out on!

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