Review: A Killer of Lions by Stan Weisleder

** Review done in conjunction with SayWhatSavannahMae, check out her site for more info**

** I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own**

A Killer of Lions Review


Grade: A+

I really loved this book, I have to start off with that because honestly, I didn’t expect to. I’m not a lover of war novels, or fighting books, but this one was real, touching, and just detailed enough to be interesting but not overwhelming. It has enough of real history, events and dates in order to keep it grounded and fleshed out the characters to really create an engaging story.

Buddy was a strong character, and he grew on me throughout the book! He’s struggle, and his drive to be a pilot was inspiring, and it’s nice also see flaws in main characters, and Buddy’s pride is definitely a flaw for him throughout the book. His pride gets him into more and more trouble.

The foreshadowing in this book, especially the second half, was really good. I could tell we were heading for something, and the author was trying to tip us off a bit, but I was never sure exactly what we were in for. The twist and turns in the book pulled at the heartstrings and created such joy.

The adorable relationship between Buddy and Tina, was sweet, touching and definitely a wonderful portrait of a wartime relationship, complete with the touching tributes and letters. I’m so glad that they were able to have a happy ending.

Buddy’s journey from civilian, to soldier, to pilot was touching, tough, and kept me on the edge of my seat. I was pulling for him, each time he got passed over, I was hurt, and each time he succeeded, I was so happy. You can tell this author based the story off of real people and real events. Everything felt real, nothing felt faked or forced. His interactions, letters, and general manner was real, and really created a great main character.

The author’s writing is wonderfully detailed, he paints pictures of every scene, and allows use to really feel how the characters feel and really be in the scenes. The stories range from funny to frightening, but they have such heart to them, and build up to a wonderful ending. An ending Buddy and his fellow pilots so deserved.

I’m glad to see this story getting told, so often we overlook things in history, because at the time they happened the records were overlooked. The deeds of the Tuskegee airmen helped turn the tides in WW2, and this book is a wonderful tribute to them, and what they did for our country. Stan does an amazing job keeping the factual details straight and showing an honest portrait of the Tuskegee Airmen.

For more details on where Stan got some of the information for this book, check out his website.

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