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Bayou L’Abeille by A.D Sams.

Published by Fey Publishing

If you’re looking for an escape from it all, come on down to Bayou L’Abeille for a visit. Take a stroll through the L’Abeille-Toombs Historical Cemetery or our prize gardens kept by Miss Nonie. Hear the colorful stories from our favorite musicians at Popeye Sims’ Music Shop and you might even run into local legend Lenny Waxman. Have breakfast at The Butter Biscuit then enjoy some junktique shopping and coffee at the Joe-N-Junk. Grab a po’ boy for lunch at the L’Abeille Diner, but make sure to save some room for BBQ and blues over at Cottonmouth’s Review. If you mention Honey Slade, Cottonmouth will fix you up with a free plate of beignets. Don’t be put off by the Alligator Advisory, in effect until the end of the season for the south side bayou near Roux Roux St. A white alligator has been spotted in the water, proving that even our ‘gators are special. The people of Bayou L’Abeille walk a fine rhythm between lovely and heartbreaking, hilarious and sad, bitter and so very, very sweet. Why not join them and experience a slice of life on the bayou?

Available on the Kindle for only $2.99. Or purchase yourself a paperback from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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Meet A.D Sams: Author of Bayou L’Abeille ~ Eater of pie ~

Duchess of Snark (Also known as Chubby Ninja) ~ Certified


 AD Sams 3

I’m sure I’ll be losing my mind soon. If you see it running down the street, will you set out a saucer of wine and some candy for it? Thanks.

Shall I introduce myself? Just along the border of Louisiana in the flat lands of Texas, The Devil’s Pocket abides. This is where I was born. The Pocket, as locals call it, is so small that the 200 residents decided that since I was the most rotund baby born in a century, my family and I were loaded into the town cannon and shot all the way to Georgia. Trust me; it’s a true story.

Despite our exodus, life from the The Pocket lingers within. I laugh just like my grandmother. I make a fantastic étouffée. I dream of moss swinging from the trees in the sunlight. I still love the smell after a rain and I miss the season of love bugs.

Now, I’m in my mid-30’s. I live in West Georgia with a gaggle of furry creatures and a very healthy Imagination. I keep it in an igloo in the back yard.

Our Review:

Grade: A

What an escape! This novel literally took me on a vacation, one I didn’t have to pay for, deal with airport people, or even book a rental car! This vacation took place in my head. A scary place, but this vacation way lovely!

I laughed out loud, obnoxiously so, in public spaces like bus terminals and waiting rooms, but it was worth it because this book is witty, fresh and charming in all the right proportions so that I honestly love reading it. It was simple read, not meaning the book doesn’t have skill but it’s an enjoyable read, not major work for your mind except to enjoy what the author put on the page in front of you. I did.

This book stands out to me because I hadn’t read anything like this before, it’s southern, it’s sassy, it’s witty and original. The book basically read itself, I don’t have think too hard, and interpret meaning, I just enjoy it, while laughing, loud and obnoxiously, as I pointed out. With each story in here, I got more involved, I laughed a little harder and I started picturing these characters and wishing they were really a part of my life, The author uses different voices to tell the stories, and I loved that. It kept it fresh and reminded me a bit of  The Help in the way the voice fit the story and someone was just copying it down to keep it from getting lost.

A.D Sams has a lovely talent for writing, and if you love short stories, grab this collection. It stands out to me as one of the better short story collections I’ve read recently. It had soul, it had humor and it was terrifically well written. There’s really only one bad point to this book…

it ended!

Check it out on Goodreads and Amazon, I promise you’ll join me and the other reviewers and love it! 🙂

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