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Storm and the Darkness Blog Tour

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Storm and Darkness Front

blue&w Synopsis

Ana Deschanel has made a terrible mistake. The only chance of protecting the other people involved is to flee New Orleans, the only home she has ever known, for the quiet solitude of Summer Island.

Summer Island, Maine (population 202) is not the tranquil escape Ana imagined. The locals are distant and cold, especially her neighbor, the reclusive veterinarian Jonathan St. Andrews. Her only lifeline is the kind but odd caretaker Alex Whitman. Showing up at all the right moments, he warns her she is completely unprepared for a Maine winter. As the first winter storm approaches to whispers of an island shutdown- Ana realizes that she may soon be cut off from the rest of the world.

After a surprising encounter with Jonathan’s brother, Finn, Ana finds herself braving the storm to return something to him. Unprepared for the Maine storm, she slips and falls onto the jagged rocks along the shore. The St. Andrews brothers find her in the nick of time, but she remains unconscious. As the storm worsens, the St. Andrews brothers learn there are other, more sinister forces at work closer than they ever imagined.

With no help from the outside world, they must find a way to protect themselves from both the storm, and the growing darkness that looms across the island.

blue&w interview

1. How did you get started in writing?

I was 7 when I got my first creative writing assignment from my 2nd grade teacher. It ended up winning a contest and my reward was to read it at the biggest public park in my city. Realizing I both loved it, and was at least somewhat good at it (by the standards of others), it became a lifelong passion.

2. Your book has a lot of New Orleans images, do you live there? Why did you choose that?

I’ve actually never lived there, although in a lot of ways it feels like home. I’ve always had a fascination with New Orleans as a very cultural city, but it wasn’t until I picked up my first Anne Rice novel in high school that I realized just how rich and mysterious it was. Through her many books set there, my love of the city grew. Eventually, I realized that my writing felt most inspired when New Orleans was the backdrop. I’m actually planning a return to New Orleans this October.

3. I know you have two books out, does it matter what order they are read in?

While I think you could read them in linear order (and timeline wise, they are linear), I like to think of the second book, The Storm and the Darkness, as a better starting point. It’s where the paranormal elements are first introduced, and where the series really takes off. St. Charles at Dusk is more of a prequel novel, in a lot of ways. So, I suppose the answer is I suggest reading 2, then 1, but you could read them in any order 🙂

4. Any new projects on the horizon?

I am currently working on editing book three of the series, The Illusions of Eventide. The book centers around Nicolas Deschanel, who is still reeling from the circumstances at the end of The Storm and the Darkness. Fleeing to his family’s remote property for some alone time, he comes in contact with Mercy, a woman who begs for Nicolas’ help after pouring out a sad story about an abusive husband. Problem is, none of it is true. Mercy is a 2500 year old Empyrean who is using Nicolas to achieve the goal she’s been seeking for centuries.

The tentative release date for the book is December 14th.

5. Tell us one really random thing about you.

I think drummers are really sexy.

6. What’s you favorite food?

I absolutely love breads and cheeses!

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Sarah is the author of the Southern Fiction series, The House of Crimson and Clover. The series was born of her combined loves of New Orleans, family dramas, and the mysterious nature of love and desire. Her books combine elements of mystery, suspense, intrigue, romance, and even paranormal. She is always working on the next book in the series, and absolutely loves connecting with her fans.

Sarah lives in the Pacific Northwest, but has traveled the world from Asia to Europe to Africa. When she isn’t working (either at her day career, or hard at work at writing), she is reading a book and discovering new authors. The great loves of her life (in order) are: her husband James, her writing, and traveling the world.

 blue&w Review

blue&w A+

Amazing.. that’s all I can really say. I was being bad and actually reading both the first and second at the same time, and it’s true. You don’t need to read one before the others. There’s not much you’ll lose either way, but if you are one of those people who want to get to the action first, go with The Storm and The Darkness first, and follow it up with St. Charles at Dusk. Sarah Cradit is a masterful writer, she can transport you to a place, and you’ll be there, living the story, breathing the air. It’s perfect! The spell cast by this novel is impressive. I couldn’t get it out of my head, I was constantly thinking of the characters, even when I couldn’t read it. I want to know what was happening. It felt so alive, I was worried it was going on with me, and I was missing it. The suspense held on to me and didn’t let me go until the book was over.

This book is real. It feels real, the places, the people, the emotions, it all rings true and really affects the reader in such a strong way, and really makes you become emotionally committed to this story! I adored it! It’s a wonderful story, imaginative. Not like any of the other books in this category, this author really works hard to craft a book, that though it deals with romance, deals with the supernatural, the emotions and the plot first, and doesn’t just throw you some meaningless sex. Not that all novels that have romance are bad but this one definitely brings about a wonderful change in the category. We can tell the author has a lot of skill and put a lot of time into crafting such a wonderful story.

Even the multiple viewpoints we get the story from doesn’t hinder the overall plot or confuse me as a reader. Cradit does an amazing job of keeping each person’s tone consistent and clear so we know what we’re reading and who we’re reading, without having to flip back a few pages and check. The multiple viewpoints really strengthens this story and helps it be told to it’s full potential. It’s brilliantly written, and in a way that we can even tell how real and raw it is, the characters are perfect, the men don’t have their shirts off at every turn. It’s flawed people, struggling to find their place and to really make sense of everything.

This is a lovely book, if you haven’t read it, I suggest you go 1 click right now, because it’s completely worth it! This book has all the best elements of supernatural events, romance stories, and mystery fiction. She weaves them together for a tale you can’t stop reading! I adored this book!

** I was given a copy of this book as a part of the blog tour, to read and review honestly. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. **


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