Review Time! The Bachelor Famers by Brenda Sorrels


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Set in Northern Minnesota in the winter of 1919, THE BACHELOR FARMERS tells a story of two Norwegian brothers who learn the meaning of love from a most unlikely source.

Hans and Jon, the youngest of four immigrant brothers, have just inherited land from their recently deceased father and set out to develop it, thus perpetuating the family dream of success in America. When Jon learns that the husband of Mahal, a beautiful half-breed, Ojibwa woman, has been injured on their property and cannot work, he hires her to be their personal cook.

Under the eye of his disapproving brother, Jon finds himself falling in love, but when a terrible blizzard blows into town without warning, the three of them must deal with the consequences and make decisions that will ultimately reshape their lives in profound and unimaginable ways.

THE BACHELOR FARMERS takes us into a world where true meaning and healing are found in the complexity of human relationships and in the choices that are made in the face of adversity.

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Reviewed for Sunshine & Mountains by Kayla

This review does contain spoilers.

Grade: A+

I could not put this book down! I love the way this book started out! The prologue was so heartwarming. The love that their father had for them was wonderful. This family may have been separated for years but when they finally got to come back together they took care of one another. This is a story of love and loss. Hans and his brother Jon both fall in love with Mahal. Mahal is married and working for the brothers until her husband can get on his feet. Mahal finally realizes that she has feelings for Hans when she lives with Hans. She gives into him after being snowed in together. However her husband comes and takes her as soon as the snow clears. The brothers never see her again. Then you jump forward 20 years when Jon meets a young man at a horse auction and realizes it’s his nephew, who was abandoned after Mahal died during child birth. When Jon confronts Hans and something bad happens and Hans is killed. The story ends with Jon speaking to his nephew, Nathaniel about his mother, and possibly about his real father. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was so different than anything else that I have read. Brenda did a wonderful job on this book and I am so thankful that Brenda gifted this book to me at Sunshine and Mountains blog!

Thank you Brenda!!!

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