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Release date: September 30th, 2013

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A plague is spreading across the land. Crops are rotting. People are dying in the streets. Sora, with the help of her magical Cat’s Eye necklace, is the only one who can stop it.

She must travel overseas to the Lost Isles, a place of legend and mystery. Only there can she destroy the bloodmage, Volcrian, putting an end to the curse. She is accompanied by Crash, a lethal assassin who once threatened—and saved—her life. But Sora is beginning to question her dark companion. He seems to be carrying a secret; a hidden past that could endanger them all.

Meanwhile, they are hunted by an underground society known as the Shade. For centuries, the Shade has waited for the perfect opportunity to step into the light. Now they are perilously close to resurrecting a Dark God and unleashing a wave of unimaginable destruction. They only need to collect the three sacred weapons, and Sora has already found two….

Short 5 Question Interview with T.L Shreffler

  1. What inspired your book? Reality? Dreams?

    Since I write YA Fantasy, I would say it’s a mix of both. Going on an epic adventure has certainly been a dream of mine. But it’s the reality of the characters that I find the most engaging to write about. Their personal struggles and triumphs come alive in my mind. 

    What truly inspired The Cat’s Eye Chronicles was a necklace. I won it when I was 9 years old out of a quarter-machine. It was a cats-eye marble wrapped in copper wire. I thought it looked magical, and somehow, a story grew out of that. The imagination is a wondrous thing!

  2. When did you start writing and why?

    I started writing at 12-years-old after my mother died. I would say it was therapeutic. I finished my first book at 13 (800 pages long) and continued to write. To this day, creative writing is my outlet, my passion, my craft–and at times, a crutch. I can’t go a day without writing something. It has gotten me through the worst parts of my life, and I suspect that it always will!

  3. What’s your favorite type of movie and why?

    I like movies with good plots. I don’t really care if they’re fantasy, action-adventure, drama or romance. Good screenwriting means a lot! I greatly prefer movies that are creative, with a whimsical edge: Pan’s Labyrinth, Peter Pan (live action 2004), Phantom of the Opera, LOTR, the Marvel franchise, etc. I also have a soft spot for crazy kung-fu movies. I like the old ones from the 70s and 80s, before all the special effects. So many incredible stunts!

  4. What’s one really unexpected thing about you? Something no one would ever guess?

    I play drums like a rock-a-holic! I’ve taken lessons since I was 14. Music runs in my family (my dad had a Doctorate in Composition) and I’ve always been involved with it in some way.

  5. What did you want to be when you grew up? Was it always a writer, or did you have a childhood fantasy career?

    I had so many childhood dreams! A lawyer, a veterinarian, a “business woman” (whatever that meant), a musician and a nurse. I was actually in denial about writing until I graduated college (which is ironic, since I pursued a Creative Writing degree.) I felt like I was good at it, but it wouldn’t make any money, so I should do something practical. After working in a few offices, I changed my mind. I’m glad my heart is smarter than my head! 

About The Author


T. L. Shreffler lives in Los Angeles, CA. She loves diversity, fantasy, romance, iced tea, long walks, philosophy, and thrift store shopping. She recently graduated with a BA in Badass (Creative Writing) and her poetry has been published consecutively in Eclipse: A Literary Journal and The Northridge Review. She is author of The Cat’s Eye Chronicles (YA/Epic Fantasy) and The Wolves of Black River (PN Romance.)

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