Review: All That Glitters by Jackie Sonnenberg – A New Release with a twist!



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The town of Wickerwire, Iowa has become the target of a jewelry thief with the ability to get by completely undetected. The only trace he leaves behind is candy in place of what he steals. The media gives him the nickname “The Candy Caper” after this calling card. He won’t give up until he finds an item believed to be blessed with ancient magic…unless someone else gets in his way

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Grade: B+ (4.5 Stars)

This book weaves mystery, thriller, a bit of fantasy together for a wonderful read. There is a variety of characters in this little small town in Iowa.  In the prologue we’re introduced to the fantasy element of the novel, magical jewelry which helped an Aztec king become a great ruler. We thought it would end there, but no, somehow it ends up in Iowa.. which leads to our story.

The Candy Caper, a thief who leaves candy at each crime scene, is searching for this magical jewelry, the best way he knows. Robbing every jewelry store in town.

There’s a variety of characters in the book, and we get to have the point of view of a bunch of them, which really drives the story along. We get thoughts from all the characters affected by these robberies, including the Candy Caper himself.. which really makes you adjust your perspective on who is the villain after all.

This is a well written book, with a unique blend of cop drama, mystery and fantasy and amazingly written characters which you start to know just like you would living in a little town like that. The story flows from page one, and there’s no stopping it until the end, which will even throw you for another loop. There’s nothing expected about this book, and that’s just wonderful!

Check this book out! You won’t regret it! 🙂

About The Author:

Jackie Sonnenberg is an author living in the suburbs of Chicago with a background in journalism and creative writing. She wrote for local newspapers in both print and online before publishing her first book. She wrote and published three requested reference titles under Atlantic Publishing on business, housing, and pet care.

Now able to focus on fiction work, Jackie is preparing for the release of her debut ALL THAT GLITTERS while working on other novels.

  Website | Facebook | Wattpad (read the first chapter)| Goodreads page

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