Review: Unforeseen Consequences by D.E Haggarty – Army Thriller for Woman..

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Unforeseen Consequences – D.E Haggerty


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Unforeseen Consequences is a suspense novel about four military women that discovered a heinous crime was about to be committed. They take action but a tragedy occurred nonetheless and now they are forced to keep their actions a secret. But the secret is about to come out. What do they do? Do they confess and risk jail? Or keep quiet and continue living in guilt?


Grade:B- (3 Stars)

The only reason I gave this book a B-  would be some editing issues I found in the copy. It made the reading of the story a bit more challenging because things didn’t flow as well as I would of liked. I don’t think that these editing issues are reason to avoid this book, but it’s something that you should be aware of going in. Don’t let the editing issues taint this book for you, but I wanted to address that straight away. A little editing and restructuring and this book would be easily up to 4 or 5 stars.

The book follows four women, the lawyer, the mom, the abused wife, and the addict, are all different points of view in this book, we learn about them little by little, but sometimes we’re thrown into a character’s chapter and it takes a minute to realize what’s going on. We see some pretty rough pictures of life for these ladies, and it seems quite unlikely that these ladies could honestly have any connection, but each time, they get a phone call from an old friend. We soon realize these ladies were all in the Army together and experienced something that has torn them apart and changed their lives forever.

Overall, I liked this book, editing issues aside, the story was compelling, once you start to really understand what’s going on, and the Army experiences are quite realistic (especially since the book is written by a former Army MP), so I was interested in the story, and as a woman, I think this story would grab anyone, though it might be a little rough for some people. The flow of the book is there, and if cleaned up a little bit in editing, I bet this book could be a top book. It does well with the suspense, and leads you to understand what’s really going on in a timely manner, not too fast or too slow. I’d recommend this book for woman, who are interested in thrillers or Army stories, because I think you’d find something you enjoy here. The author obviously has a vision, and a strong sense of story, but it’s just a little lost in the editing issues, but once those are addressed, I think this book has the potential to shine.

* I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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