Review: Threaded Gem Adventure by Malana Ashlie – A wonderfully touching craft book with a message!

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The Threaded Gem Adventure by Malana Ashlie



Crafting Relationships through Beads. Life is about connecting the dots. This is the answer Malana Ashlie received when trying to decide how to join special people in her life for her birthday. The threaded Gem Adventure is a how to book for creating a memory chain using beads representing each of the special people in your life. The basic explanations, supported by photographs of the process, are presented as stepping-stones in a story that traces the author’s personal journey of awareness.


Grade: A

This was a simple, charming book. It’s a story about connecting across distances, and connecting with people in your life in general. It’s a journey, and each bead was another story, another moment, and something wonderful that two people have shared. I think the the journey that the author has gone on throughout the book is quite interesting and this book has all the best elements of a memoir and a craft book, nothing too over the top, but simple, and meaningful. Since I live across the country from my loved ones, I think this would be such a sweet idea and a fun craft. Making necklaces to symbolize the connections you have with people is just a physical representation and reminder that it seems so easy!

The book was well written ,other then a few formatting issues, and easy to read. The directions of the necklace are straightforward., and the commentary is also quite good. The author is just speaking her mind, and sharing her opinion along with a wonderful craft. There’s nothing wrong with that!

* I was given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

About The Author:

Malana Ashlie’s passion was that of an herbalist and naturopathic doctor for a number of years. Along with her health consultations, she wrote articles on health/nutrition and taught classes on wellness. However the directive to always seek out the cause of an illness drew her into the study of subtle energies, religions and then metaphysics. These studies offered invitations to study with Elders of Mayan and Hawaiian cultures as well as teachers of sacred Native American traditions.

Her path has led to the north coastal area of Honduras where she writes and creates workshops that incorporate the wisdom of the ancients with accepted sciences. She enjoys traveling though out the U.S.offering this knowledge.

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