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Twisted Vine


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A preview of the author’s work with several of her short stories and poems from her beginnings to present. A variety of genres are included with excerpts from some of her published, and soon-to-be-published novels. From flash fiction to a-little-longer short stories, there is also included a sci-fi in poetic meter. There is romance, romantic suspense, Sci-fi visions of the future, and fantasies with Celtic and Native American roots



Grade: A- (4.5 Stars)

I decided to break out a few of the stories I really found interesting in their own blurbs, then sum up the whole anthology at the end. There are too many pieces for me to break them down individually, but I think these few were some of the better standout pieces for me, ones I was really interested in.

Twisted Vine: This story is so lovely. I didn’t honestly know what to expect when I started it, knowing that there was a variety of tales in this collection, I thought it was going to be a love story, or something of the like, and the way the story goes on, there’s so much more to it. The interweaving of the sci-fi elements was wonderfully done, and would even interest those who don’t normally enjoy the science fiction side of things. This story is a romance, but with such an interesting twist, that it’s not the same usual romance you expect. The author did a wonderful job with this short story, though I wish it wouldn’t have ended so quickly. I had more questions and wanted more answers, but it was a great concept, and well written.

Traveling Sands: This was a quick little story, cute, I did love the idea behind the magic sand, that was lovely. A little escape from reality is always needed, so I wish I had a jar as well so I could travel places! I think this story was good, I think a little more might’ve helped, a little more on the story she was trying to write, why she was blocked, but over simple, interesting, well written short story.

Quetzal, A Dragon Legend: I love dragons, they are probably my favorite thing, so when I find a dragon story, I usually read it immediately.  This story is told in a different perspective, a third person look at the dragons and the interaction with the characters. It’s more like a folk tale, a verbal history passed down. It’s interesting in that way, and tells a very interesting take on dragons.

Childhood of Arrogance: I liked this story, it was real, grounded, and really showed the ability of the writer, keeping this honest, real, and emotional. I thought the male character was quite well written, interesting, and a great portrait of the personality. It was honest, and reflected well as a whole. I think it was the perfect amount of story as well, no more needed and nothing in excess.

Overall, this anthology contains some lovely poems and short stories. Not every story will be of interest to everyone, but the wonderful way this collection is structured does make it feel like everyone could find one piece they really loved. It’s a well written collection, with mixture of science fiction, romance, fantasy, and general fiction. It’s got a little of everything, so I think everyone could enjoy this collection like I did.

*I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.


About the Author:

I have been writing for almost 40 years, but never full time or as a professional until about 2006. I became a self-published author early 2012 after several negative encounters with publishers and finally having one drop me, apparently because we couldn’t agree on the cover. Now both covers are being used. Funny how that worked out.
I love writing and will continue without it creating an income, though it is desperately needed. I spend a few hours a day at it, unfortunately, and another several hours with social media, again unfortunately. The social media is quickly becoming out of hand and I becoming more a professionally email responder than a writer so it may have to slow down until the books in my head are all done. I will probably no longer be breathing when that happens.
My beautiful and loving German Shepherd keeps me company in my long hours, reminding me periodically there is an outdoors she needs to visit. They are always pleasant breaks.

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