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The Scroll Large Blog Tour

Today we’re celebrating The Scroll, the most recent novel in the Gateway Chronicles! I have been lucky enough to read the first, and now second in this series, and generally love it! It’s such a wonderful YA novel! Today we’ll be able to give you some more information on the novel, a guest post by the author, my review for the second book in the series, and a giveaway! 🙂

Summary for The Gateway Chronicles: 

At the age of thirteen, Darcy Pennington found out the world in which she lived was only one of many, and that the existence of other worlds meant she was far from ordinary. Her destiny, along with the destinies of her five best friends, is entangled with a realm called Alitheia. She journeyed to Alitheia for the first time, armed only with the knowledge that she was destined to help expel an evil Shadow from the land and she would someday be queen. Darcy never could have guessed how deep the rabbit hole would take her. Now, at the age of seventeen, Darcy finds herself thrust into a position of uncertainty after four extraordinary trips to Alitheia, each fraught with drama and adventure. Gifted with elemental magic and with an uncanny ability to get herself into trouble, Darcy has always managed to make it through, but when her heart is on the line, the stakes are higher than ever. Great hope, great joy, and great love have always been tempered by great sorrow and great loss in Alitheia, and Darcy wonders if the trials she is about to face in her latest trip will break her, and the land of Alitheia, beyond repair.

Summary for The Scroll:

Darcy Pennington may once have been an average teenager, but not anymore. Living each year twice, once in her world and once in Alitheia, has made her into someone who cares little for normal teenage activities. She’s got more important things to do, like save the mythical, magical world of Alitheia. But this time, Darcy can’t save Alitheia until she saves Tellius, the love of her life.

A window between the worlds allows Darcy to see Tellius from her home in Chicago. But, far from being reassured, she plunges into despair when she sees Tellius captured, imprisoned, and tortured. All her plans for her future life in Alitheia are put on hold as Darcy faces a singular goal: save Tellius, even if it means giving Tselloch something in return.

Intrigue is high upon her return to the castle, where old friends tell new lies, best friends hide crucial secrets, deceptive apparitions roam the halls, and betrayal lingers around every corner. The only way to unravel the mysteries and protect Alitheia is to bring Tellius home, but Darcy lacks the necessary magic for that.

As time runs low, Rubidius keeps to himself, and even Sam has her own secret this year. Darcy wonders if anyone else cares the way she does, and why it’s always a fight to get anything done. Still, she’ll do anything to rescue her future husband, including surrender herself to the fate she knows is coming anyway. Now, if only The Six could unveil the scroll, they might learn the greatest secret of all, before everything burns to ashes around them.

Guest Post:  Five Things Pieces of Advice!

Being a Young Adult author, I often get asked what I was like as a teenager and whether my teenage experiences influence my writing. The answer to that is, yes, of course! Authors always draw from what they know, and I have strong memories of my teenage years. That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m particularly fond of how I acted as a teenager, and because hindsight is 20/20, here are five things I would tell my teenage self:

  1. Chill out. *I freaked out a lot when I was a teenager – maybe not outwardly, but definitely internally, and I doubt I was alone in this. Everything seems to be full of drama when you are a teenager, and I just remember how much angst I applied to so many things that really, ultimately, didn’t matter. So yes, I’d tell myself to chill, relax, and enjoy my teenage years before they flit away!
  2. You know all those guys you like? Foster friendships with them, not romantic relationships. Friendship is much more lasting, and chances are your heart is just going to get broken (again). Enjoy being friends with guys and don’t worry about dating until you are in college. *I was an incredibly insecure teenage girl, and I worried a LOT about how guys perceived me. I was always trying to figure out how to get my guy friends to like me romantically rather than just relaxing and enjoying the friendships they offered. Dating in high school is a precipitous trap, and my heart got broken a fair few times. Saving myself the heartache would have been much more desirable! I’d love to tell myself not to worry about all those guys, because I’d find the love of my life in college and be married by age 20.
  3. Cherish your girl friends. *As a continuation of #2, while I had excellent girl friends in high school, I always kind of felt myself to be in competition with them for the attention of the guys in our circle of friends. Sometimes I even said and did things I shouldn’t have at the expense of my girl friends in order to (try and) impress a guy. How foolish! Your girl friends, much more so than your boyfriends, will stay with you forever if you foster the right kinds of relationships. This is something that figures heavily into books 1-3 of my series!
  4. Be yourself. *I know this one is kind of clichéd, but as I mentioned above, I was very insecure and concerned about what people thought of me. I tended to be ashamed of some of the things I really liked (such as fantasy novels) because I was afraid of what people would think of me. I’d spent my junior high years labeled as a geek, and I did NOT want to revisit that in high school. So, while I understand why I sometimes tried to act like someone I wasn’t, I also wish I’d let my friends see the real me. It really wasn’t until I met my husband in college that I was able to be myself and be comfortable with that.
  5. Don’t be ashamed of your writing! You WILL be published – and soon! *I used to write in secret when I was a teenager. Again, this was something I didn’t always reveal to my friends because it wasn’t necessarily “cool,” but sometimes I would skip lunch to sit in study hall and write stories in a secret notebook I kept in my backpack. I always wanted to be published someday, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to make a living that way, or that it wouldn’t happen and I’d suffer rejection. Well, I did suffer rejection when I finally started pursuing it, all prospective authors do, but I wish I could assure the teenage me that after some heartache, I would see my dream come true. I never stopped writing, but it would have been nice to know there would be some fulfillment down the road. My goal was always to be published by a real publishing house by the time I was 30. Well, I’m 30 now, and my publishing house has just released my 5th book, so I’ve really been blessed in this. And even though I wish I could assure the teenage me that this would happen, I have to acknowledge that I probably wouldn’t have worked so hard to make it happen if there wasn’t the element of uncertainty involved.

Well, there you have it! 5 pieces of advice for the teenage me, and perhaps for some of you out there who are in the process of navigating your teenage years. There are some other things it would be fun to tell myself, such as, “Hey, you know how you want to have three sons someday? Guess what, you WILL!” or, “You’ll get to see The Lord of the Rings made into three movies in the next couple years!” (Am I dating myself? lol). One of the great things about being a YA author is that I get to translate my teenage experiences into fictionalized accounts, and while I may regret how I handled certain things, I can make my characters better people than I was.

Author Bio:


K. B. Hoyle has been a classical educator for several years. She is a wife to a wonderful husband and mother to three rambunctious little boys. Her favorite literary genres have always been Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction, so that is where her journey began. At a young age, she knew she wanted to write stories that would inspire people, and she wrote her first fantasy novel at the age of eleven. Her goal as a writer is to take a look at existing truths in the world around her and repackage them in new, exciting, and fantastic ways.

Review: The Oracle by K.B Hoyle

Grade: A (Five Stars)

I recieved the first book in this series on NetGalley, I was flipping through the choices, and the cover of The Six caught my eye. I decided to give it a try, and I’m glad I did, and now, I was lucky enough to be given the second book, and offered a chance to participate in the wonderful blog tour celebrating her newest adventure!

I love the concept for these books. So interesting and well written, I just can’t keep from reading! I had the second book on my reading list when this tour came around, so being offered to read the book and include my review was just wonderful. Though I haven’t gotten to the newest book that we’re celebrating, I can say the K. B Hoyle’s style is wonderful, and I highly doubt that anything could have made this newest book any less then these early ones.

In this second book, the action starts about a year after the events of the first book, and has an amazing dream to kick things off! Summer camp always sounded horrible to me, but if I could have a magical gateway, I’d come back each year just like the kids in this plot! The plot for this one was even more engaging then the previous one. I love an epic journey, and this one for the Oracle did not disappoint. We were given a lot of new insight in this story, and a lot of character development. I found new feelings for characters I didn’t really consider in the last book, and there was so much struggle in this book. Nothing seemed to come easy, but it made this book so much better! I love it and at the end I cried! I just fall into these books just like I am there, and I’m journeying right with them!

K. B Hoyle has an amazing style. She pulls in readers of all ages and gives them a second chance at childhood, and gives you a whole lot of wonderful magic! You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy these books, I promise, you just need to have an open mind, and a heart that loves magic! 🙂

*I received a copy of this book as a part of this blog tour. All opinions are my own.


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  1. I was introduced to this series by a lifelong friend,and I have thanked her over and over. It’s a very clever series that is well written and engaging. I have recommended these books to several friends…whether they are “young adult” or not. 🙂

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