Lazis Project – Review – Science Fiction – Interesting story.



Lazis Project by Marcus Woolcott

Published October 11th 2013 by Creative Print Publishing Ltd

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That which was meant to preserve life for all time failed.

Kira is the last human. Jettisoned at the last moment as an infant, she knows nothing of Earth or of what happened. The denizens of the Draven galaxy know what happened and have no time for humans. Hostility and prejudice follow Kira wherever she goes.

As she fights to carve a niche for herself she learns of something that will change the Draven galaxy forever. Strong alliances are forged and deadly enemies are made as she is thrown into a desperate battle to prevent the loss of that which is most precious to humans.

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Grade: C+ (3 stars)

This is an interesting science fiction book, which has elements reminiscent of some stories that have already been told, mixed in with new ideas. The earth has ended, science caused it, and there’s nothing left of it, except one human, who was sent to another planet to be raised. This moment, similar to Superman’s story, is interesting if not really logical, but we allow for changes in logic in science fiction, so I continued to follow the story, looking for what makes this novel stand out among the countless science fiction stories out there. Kira is an interestingly developed character, being the last human, but knowing nothing of Earth or what she lost, she just feels alone and different. I was a little confused as to why Kira was so willing to do so much to save the place she lives now, as she’s not really treated well by anyone, and she’s kind of a loner. But once the action in the story does pick up, it’s quite interesting. I did see a lot of things which people might not believe, but that’s the basis of science fiction, some science, mostly fiction.Writing wise, the book is well written, there’s some spots that had me do a double take because the way it was worded didn’t work for me, but overall, you can see a strong skill for writing in this book. The plot idea is interesting, if not unique, and does provide for entertainment. I would recommend this people to science fiction lovers who are able to suspend reality in order to enjoy a book.


*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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