Product Review: BuildASign – More then just signs! :)

So today I’m just posting my review of BuildASign.

I partnered up with them to do a review based on business cards I created on their site.

I have to say, I am incredibly pleased with how good these cards turned out. My blog, as you may know, is very colorful and detailed and the cards looked amazing! The color was right, and really stood out. I’m pretty excited to have these cards to hand out now. The design process on BuildASign is quite user friendly, I played around with it, even though I previously designed my own card in Photoshop and had it saved as a jpeg. This is another great feature of BuildASign, you can upload your own image and they’ll put it on cards for you.

My graphic was quite complicated, as you can see in the image below:



I really wanted it to match my blog style, and to be able to be user friendly for the person who recieves my card to email me or check out the website. I really wanted stand out cards, and I am pleased to say BuildASign delivered. These are amazing business cards, and it was so easy to do. The cost was quite low as well, comparable to other online card making companies, but BuildASign does so much more as well! I was able to get a few other cool magnets too!

Once my camera starts working again, or I get a new one, I’ll add some pictures of the product to this review, but trust me.. I’ve been handing out the business cards. The only real difference is there’s a white boarder on the card which I don’t mind at all, and on the lovely magnets! 🙂



*I was given business cards in return for posting an honest review on the product I ordered. All opinions are 100% my own

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