Halloween Celebration!! Halloween Day! Guest Post by Marie F Crow! @MarieFCrow

Halloween Celebration Day 1

Happy Halloween! 

It’s that time again! All Hallows Eve! The night of magic, mischief, and all things dark and spooky! As you get older, you can’t always celebrate the way you want to. You might have to work (like me) or you might have to take the kids out, and walk around with them, but overall, it’s only once a year, so if you can, carve yourself out some time, and get into a cozy chair, dim the lights and read a good scary stories! Earlier posts have lists of books to choose from, and a lucky winner will get a $5 gift card to buy some!

Who better to talk about Halloween, the the queen of the Zombies herself, Marie F Crow!


What Happened To Halloween?

If your life is anything like mine, soon you will find yourself out walking the streets with the goal of being a good parent in front of you. You will find yourself surrounded by teens who have confused their hem lines with their panty lines. There will be moms trying a tad bit too hard to be “cool”, and small children who remind you of the many reasons why you practice safe sex like a religion. All of this we will do with a smile on our faces and Motrin in our pockets. Possibly even a flask or two for good measure.

If you think like me, you will quickly become ashamed of what this holiday has unraveled to with the ever-cautious “PC” world of ours. Homes are no longer scary, if even decorated at all. You will stare in angst as you walk through a bigger sea of Disney characters than you have ever encountered when at the actual park. Princesses from every movie will clog the sidewalks like the swollen arteries of a bacon addict until the dreaded “Small Word” song stalks you like a horror movie’s slasher’s theme song.  The sounds of chi-chi-chi cha-cha-cha are replaced with images of puppets lip-syncing to the song. In a way, they are just as scary. The most disturbing part of it all, most of the princesses are over the age of fifteen. Personally, I don’t remember seeing Snow Whites’ panties in the cartoon, but I might be wrong because I am seeing plenty of her now.

What has happened to Halloween? How did we allow a holiday that ancient pagans used to hide themselves from the dead to become something from the Hallmark Channel? When did horror movies go from thrillers to paranormal jokes that even the ghosts in my home grow bored watching? Costume contests use to be something to boast about, but now if you win the contest, it’s most likely because you were the one brave enough to wear something that short on a stage that high. Brava!

Need further proof of the decay? Visit your local costume shop and count how many costumes actually cover the knee – both knees! Visit a video rental store and look at their Halloween section they have no doubt put together. There is almost a line between what was then and what is now, and now isn’t looking all that scary. Think back on the last really scary book you have read. Still thinking, aren’t you? Is your head hung in shame, yet? No need to take your pulse tonight. It’s dead and not in a good way.

This year I challenge you to take back your Halloween. If you are wearing something “cute”, put a little splash of crimson in there somewhere. After all, the color of dried blood is the new black for October! If your home resembles something more of a Monster High birthday party, there’s still hope! Throw some spider webs on those paper props and tear up the old curtains your in-laws gave you as a gift. Hang that nightmare from Christmas’ past with a creative new motif of red that even Santa would be proud to wear! If the spouse complains, tell them it’s a life or death situation. We have a Holiday that is not breathing here!

Don’t stop there! Remind the neighbors what the term “Trick or Treat” means. If the porch light is on and they don’t answer, they have broken the sacred rules. It’s time for some tricks! Now, I’m not endorsing egging or paintballing any homes, but go ahead and walk through that perfectly manicured lawn. If there is pine straw in the flowerbeds, go ahead and kick it – gently. After all, people with that much time on their hands to maintain a perfect yard can be dangerous and mentally unstable. Run a thousand small sticky fingers down that perfectly waxed car. The darker the paint, the louder the owner’s screams will be when they discover it. Trust me, I know.

Just remember, it’s a “trick” not a plea to be murdered in your sleep, or to develop a new BFF through restraining orders. Most of all, remember to have fun. Sometimes a good scare can be just what you need to clear the stress from your life, or there are always cupcakes. You can’t go wrong with cupcakes.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Dies Twice,
Marie F Crow

About Marie F Crow:


Marie F Crow is the author of the post-apocalyptic series, The Risen. She weaves her stories around the human element of the horror verses the “monsters” themselves. She believes that the real horror of life does not come from the expected, but from the unexpected responses of the human nature and what depths of trauma a person has to survive in certain situations. She began writing The Risen series when feeling that the popular genre was slipping too deep into the realm of pure “slasher” and forgetting what the horror of zombies can mean for a story.

Now with her children’s series launched, Marie hopes to use her favorite “monster” as a teaching tool to inspire children to understand that not everything that looks scary, is scary. With Abigail and Her Pet Zombie series, Marie hopes to further spread her love for all things “that go bump in the night” with small children showing them that it’s okay to be different and to embrace those same differences in those around them.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Dies Twice,

Marie F. Crow


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Good luck!

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