Children’s Book Review: A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book about Animal from A -Z! @simonesblognet


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Using the names of animals that start with letters in the alphabet in rhyme, making each story silly and easy to remember the alphabet.

It is an instructional book but one which is cleverly disguised as a rhyming, animal book. children will unknowingly learn the alphabet, be introduced to animals new and known, and pick up the subtleties of rhyme.


Book Trailer

 A Silly Rhyming Alphabet Book About Animals From A to Z.



A+ (5 stars)

This is a lovely book, truly a joy to read, and something I plan to buy to share with my godchildren next time I go visit! It’s a beautiful piece of artwork, along with such a read along story for children! This is a wonderful learning tool for teaching children because it really makes learning a fun experience. Each illustration is beautifully done and so vibrant on the page! I honestly laughed while reading this book on my own! It’s fun and wacky! I think any young child would love learning their alphabet this way. The silly rhymes throughout this book are catchy and unique, I really loved the style of the book. It’s not your everyday alphabet book, and that’s so refreshing! If you are lucky enough to have little ones in your life, you wouldn’t regret grabbing this wonderful book and sharing it with them.

*I was given a free ecopy in exchange for an honest review.


About The Author

Simone Da’ Costa is a writer, author, freelance magazine writer and independent publisher. She believes achieving excellence is the driving force to success.

Simone is a writer who enjoys the compelling feeling that writing brings. In the words of Miss Da Costa ‘Writing is seen as a tool with which to free yourself in a limitless world of playful words while at the same time welcome your ideas, thoughts and imagination onto the page. Most off all, the passion to write is, simply put, inspiring, challenging, enjoying and empowering.’


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