Review: Coming Home by Misty Matthews – This book will leave you breathless!


Coming Home
Misty Matthews

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Motorcycle riding, high-powered attorney Alana Stewart is a far cry from the shy, teenager who left Chance determined never to look back. Family obligations force her to return to the town that only holds bad memories for her. A stop at her former sanctuary brings an unexpected surprise…the new manager just might be what she needs to get her through the holidays.

When sexy, leather-clad Alana walks into the bookstore, Connor Tate, has a feeling he may be in for the ride of his life. Despite the fact that their lives are headed in different directions, they are drawn to one another. Connor is determined to prove to Alana that Chance isn’t the place she remembers, but will his efforts fail when she discovers he hasn’t told her the whole truth about himself?

Can they trust each other enough to take a chance on love?


Grade A

Reviewed by Catherine
A bittersweet, heartwarming, and amazing love story.

Alana returns home for the Christmas holidays. When she left her hometown all those years ago, she was just a shy teenager. Now she comes back successful and very self confident.

She makes a stop at an old hangout and she meets the wonderfully sexy Connor. The love that forms between the two as they get to know each other is amazing. As they begin to realize they share some of the same dreams, they work together to figure out how to make them come true. She has some hard decisions to make and he helps her out.

I loved the way the author gave such in depth descriptions of the surroundings and feelings. The hot axe scenes will leave you breathless and wanting more and this is just the first book. I can’t wait for the follow up.

I was given this book for an honest review.

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