Review: Evil Children of Naor – An amazing trio of fantasy stories


Evil Children of Naor

by Justyna Plichta-Jendzio

Published August 1st 2013 by Devine Destinies


There are many laws in the world of Naor, but all its creatures absolutely have to respect one: never let in, create or help the evil children of Hodgorn, the God of darkness. This is a sin that can never be forgotten or forgiven by the Gods of light. Other guilts can be redeemed and expiated. Yet, evil fights for the souls of Naor’s creatures. It hides everywhere, even buried deep in human nature, waiting for the moment to attack and possess its victims. No one is safe.

Namaris is a regular noblewoman living on the northern side of the Engaris Empire. She only desires to find a suitable husband and live a happy life. Tarion is a knight of Kemeid’s Order who carries a letter from his Grand Master to Ranidor Castle. Jansemi is a daughter of a leader of the Isher clan, living on the endless steppes of Elmor. None of them are aware that evil has chosen them for its victims. None of them expect that they will have to fight over their souls. Damnation or salvation is at stake

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Review for Evil Children of Naor:

Grade: B+ (Four Stars)

This fantasy collection was expertly written, and I loved how the stories were interweaved but could also stand on their own. This is a book for any lover of fantasy. The stories are each well written, and they really just pull you into the world. I was trying to find things I didn’t really enjoy about this collection but I am having trouble coming up with any major reasons. There was a lot of surprise in these stories, and their epic fantasy tales were all enchanting and detailed in a good way. There was a few times the stories were a little rough around the edges but overall they all really drew me in. I think I would’ve liked to see a little more detail in the character, and possibly the back story, but the world was so detailed and really thought out. It’s so lovely to see an author who really took time to create a full world, not just pieces of it. Overall, I really loved this collection of stories. The author has a great talent for writing, and I’m excited to see what more comes from it.

*I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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