Review: On a Wing and a Prayer by Jackie Wagner! “I absolutely love her writing” @JackieWeger






On a Wing and a Prayer

Jackie Weger



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This is a compelling tale of survival and love, and the writer knocks it out of the park! Another amazing read by Jackie Weger! You need to pick up a copy of this book!



Parnell Stillman, ace pilot, is man to the bone in a lackadaisical kind of way. He has the ability to fly through anything except solid mountain. He lives alone because people are not to be trusted—especially women. Flying is his high road until one sleet-filled morning–it isn’t. Mischance forces his plane down into a frozen wilderness. He can survive, but his cargo is another matter–an annoying social worker and five orphans–the most irksome freight he’s ever hauled in his life.
But Rebecca Hollis is determined to force the obnoxious, disagreeable, self-centered pilot to do whatever is necessary to insure the survival and rescue of the orphans…Even if it means making the noble gesture of keeping her mouth shut—or other womanly things.
But the pilot isn’t having it. No way. No how. He’d rather dance with a grizzly or wrestle a puma than give his heart over to a sly, conniving, wily do-gooder. He has no intention of playing hero.
Rebecca has other ideas—lots of them! All artful and disingenuous—one of which is bound to work…she hopes.


Reviewed by Catherine 

Grade: A

A compelling story of survival and love.

The pilot is a very grouchy character dealing with his issues of his wife leaving him years ago. The divorced social worker of the five handicapped children has issues of her own. After their plane goes down they are stranded in the wilderness in the middle of the winter.

I loved the way they were able to cope and come up with various ways of surviving, it was believable. I loves the way they were able to overcome their own issues together and fall in love, it was realistic and heartwarming.

This is the second book I have read of Jackie’s and absolutely her writing. I would recommend her books to everyone. I’m looking forward to enjoying more of her work.

I was given this book in return for an honest review.


About The Author:


I would rather write an obit than my bio, mostly because I’m one of the most boring souls you’ll ever meet. I have been to interesting places and met interesting people, but none of it rubbed off on me. Some of those places and some of those people found their way into characters or settings in my romance novels which lends me about an inch of panache–on the table below the salt. With family or solo, I’ve traveled since I was about eleven. I spent years living abroad in Central America in little jungle villages absorbing the native culture and language. I spent months on off-islands and sailed in the Pacific with a friend until his sloop sank–not with us on it–thank goodness. I spent a New Year’s in Montreal, a summer semester in the U.K and a few glorious days in Paris before returning Stateside to finish a degree in history, then it was off to Panama and Costa Rica. While my passport is always handy, I’ve settled down in Texas to be near my family. Since I’m sitting still, I’ve plugged in my laptop and started writing again. After an absence of a few years, I’ve jumped back into the publishing world which has changed dramatically. I love the changes. In the past, category romance novels had a shelf life between yogurt and ice cream, but with the advent of e-books they can live on the Web for years. I’m excited to be publishing my backlist. I’m working on a new novel. I live with a man, a dog, seven feral cats and go to Bingo on Friday night. The most exciting thing that’s happened in my life recently is a cow wandered into my yard and ate my garden. See what I mean about being boring?

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