Men and Manolos Book Tour – Review – Touching, honest book!





Men and Manolos: Love and Relationships In The Heels of A Hopeless Romantic

109 pages

Genre: Women’s Biography, Memoir, Emotional Healing, Dating

No one walks into a relationship without the proper footing…

In a collection of original essays drawn from her open ended and inquisitive relationship column “Sex and the Chester,” Alyssa Velazquez explores a twenty-first century world dominated by proverbial singles, foreign and domestic affairs, and emotional recall relationships. In her intensely personal memoir of unscripted cute meets, dates that should have never happened, and affairs to forget Velazquez searches through her past for wisdom, perspective, and advice on the survival of a hopeless romantic. Following familiar scenarios through her never ending, often time predictable search for love in flats, sneakers, rain boots, and even a pair of Manolos her electric honesty makes us contemplate if maybe the key to the “mating ritual” is all in our shoes.

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Grade: B+ (Four Stars)

What a refreshing read! This book was not what I even thought it would be. I expected some witty, funny banter, and instead I got a really thought provoking, touching book about relationships and life in general. It was well written, organized well, and really touching on some great issues. I think the writer does something very bold in this book, putting these experiences out there for other women to read and relate to, and I think it’s wonderfully done. I don’t really have too much more to say on this book, because honestly, it’s one of those books that just makes you think and feel, and everyone will come out of it a little different, but I think a little better as well. I would suggest this to any woman, in a relationship, or not, because as ladies, we all struggle with different things, and I think the author does a good job connecting us, and our experiences and really grounding it. Wonderful read!


*I was given a copy in exchange for honest review.


Author’s Biography:

Living in New Jersey, Alyssa Velazquez currently works as a barista while daydreaming of mastering latte art. The product of liberal arts education, she has worked in D.C., Maryland, and Philadelphia as a conservation apprentice, production design intern, living history actor, and most recently a free-lance writer for The Women’s History Magazine and the Secretaries of Juliet Newsletter: Il Giornal de’Juilette.
Twitter: @AlyssaManolo

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