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Regina Frame – author of Saving Chloe, and Parker’s Past

Parker's Past Ebook Final


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Parker Beaumont is a man who gets what he wants. He’s known for his playboy lifestyle and womanizing ways. After his parents failed marriage, he vowed never to fall in love. Love destroys people and sometimes they don’t recover. Sometimes they don’t come back.



Grade: B (Four Stars)

Interesting novella. It’s short, only around 75 pages, but jam packed with sexy scenes. This book falls second, after Saving Chloe, in order to give you some insight into what Parker was like. It’s probably best that you read the first book so you know Parker, but if you just want a quick, steamy read, then this is for you. It’s kind of an overdone plot idea, playboy, hurt by love, might finally settle down because of one girl, but it’s well written none the less. It does switch a bit between first and third person, but it didn’t really detract from the read. I though Parker was pretty crappy of a guy, but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t a well written character. I think the author did a good job with this mini story, allowing her readers to get a glance at a backstory. Overall, I enjoyed it!

*I was given a copy for honest review.




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Chloe Mason moved to New York to start a new life and escape an abusive ex-boyfriend. She had never really dated much until she met Rick, but after finding him in the bed with another woman–she packed her bags and never looked back. Will Chloe ever be able to trust again?

Parker Beaumont is a self made millionaire and womanizer. He’s always been a big fan of sex with no strings attached…until he meets Chloe Mason who challenges everything he knows.

Will Parker’s past come back to haunt him?
Can Parker save Chloe?


I’ve got to call Lexie! She’ll be out of her mind with worry!” I stand to go get my cell when Parker stops me.

“I called her last night before I went to bed. I knew she would worry.”

“Oh, thank you! What did she say to you?” I know Lexie would be upset, regardless of whether or not Parker had called. After everything that happened with my ex-boyfriend, Lexie is very protective of me.

“She threatened to cut my balls off if I hurt you.” The corners of his mouth curl into a smile. “I told her you had fallen asleep, it was late, you were sleeping on the couch, and I was in my bedroom alone. I also told her that I had promised to be a perfect gentleman.”

“I can’t believe you managed to pull it off!” I start laughing, but stop when I notice Parker staring at me. Did I make him mad? I can’t tell by the expression on his face, but when he stands and scoops me up in one fluid motion, I know he’s not mad.

“What are you doing?” I shriek.

“I didn’t make any promises about today!” he says.

* * *

Parker carries her up the stairs to his bedroom without missing a step. When they reach his bed, he slowly lowers her, letting her body slide down against his until her feet touch the floor. Standing face to face with her, Parker can’t control himself any longer. He wanted to make love to her last night, but dammit, he made a promise he intended to keep. This was his Chloe after all!

What the hell? Where did that come from? He never let his guard down with a woman. He hadn’t been able to trust them since his mom left; that had really fucked with his mind, because how could someone who was supposed to love you so much just walk away and never look back? Parker had built a wall around his heart and made a vow to never let anyone in again, especially with someone who might not stick around. Sure, he’d had his share of hook-ups, sex with no strings attached, and that always worked out just fine… until the first time he saw Chloe and that wall started to crumble, brick by brick.

Forcing those thoughts away, he covers her mouth with his intimately and strokes her tongue with his, licking and nipping at her lips. Their kisses quickly become more urgent as they devour each other’s mouths, needing one another like air to breathe.

Parker pauses to rest his forehead on hers and look into her big hazel eyes, noticing for the first time the little gold flecks that sparkle when she’s aroused. She is so beautiful. He wants her so bad it hurts.

“Are you sure about this?” he asks, his breath coming out in

short bursts.

“I’m sure. I’ve never wanted anything more.”



About The Author:

My name is Regina Frame and I live in Alabama with my husband and three dogs. I’ve always had a love for animals and I work with charities to help raise money for homeless pets. I’ve been known to carry food in my car and stop on the street to feed an animal. I recently rescued a severely abused dog after trying for two months with no success. He now lives with me and my husband and he is happy and healthy today.
I’m an avid reader of romance and erotica novels, and recently released my own. Saving Chloe is part one of a trilogy which was released September seventeenth. I am currently working on Parker’s Past which will be released by January 2014. Thank you for your support, it means the world to me.

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