Interview: Siefken Publications!

Today we have an interview with a Mother/Son team, two authors working together to create wonderful books. Siefken Publications, Wendy & Charlie! 🙂


Why did you decide to write a book?

We decided to write a book because Charlie was always writing stories in school instead of doing most of his homework. The principal decided to challenge him to write and publish a book that had to entail English, Math, Science, Geology and current events. Charlie can’t type very fast but I can so together we started working together and Charlie graduated a published author.

What’s it like being a Mother/Son writing team?

We have worked together for years on school work and on the farm. We have always been a close knit family and still remain so.

Seems like the age gap might be difficult to jump. Was it Hard? Challenging? Easy?

We don’t think of the age gap as a difficult jump or hard. We both have our strengths and weaknesses. I think we complement each other and each bring different ideas to the story lines.

Have you both always wanted to write?

I think we have both always wanted to write but I never thought it would be possible. Because of Charlie I have discovered that is very possible!

Tell us about one of the funniest memories you have of putting a book together.

We were sitting in a restaurant and discussing characters in a book and what they were doing and what they would talk and act like. There was a guy sitting a couple of tables away and we both said, “That’s Louie!” one of our characters. We get so absorbed in our stories we forget others can hear us too. Especially when talking of killing off a character and just how to do it!

What are some of your favorite books?

Charlie is partial to Christopher Paolini, Rick Riordan, Brian Jacques and writers like that. I like a wide variety of writers from Terry Brooks to Louis Lamoure to Jeannette Oaks.

I’m so glad we could get some insight from this unique writing team.


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