Pixie Dust by Laura Lee – Review

Pixie Dust by Laura Lee



Karli Lane is the only fairy left on the planet. Orphaned at a young age, she was forced to hide her identity in a world full of exposed supernaturals. A new employer and a gruesome murder bring two incredibly complex men into her life.She rides a non-stop emotional roller coaster while trying to figure out who she is, how to control her powers, and most importantly, how to stay alive.


Grade: A (Five Stars)

Review by Kayla Hines for Sunshine & Mountains

I was captivated from the start! I loved this book! I got sucked into the story right away! I love books that pull me in and keep me going throughout the book! This book does have some vulgarity to it. But if you don’t mind that then you should check this book out! The characters are funny and sexy and make this book great! I love books that have paranormal and romance together. It just makes things more interesting! If you love that too, you should read this book!

I think it would be cool to be the only fairy left in the world but if you don’t know what to do with it, it can be hard. And I wish Karli would have just chosen one or the other of the guys in her life. I hate when people go back and forth. Choose for goodness sakes! I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it!

 **I was given a copy of this book by Sunshine and Mountains book blog for an honest review. 

About The Author:


I am a Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy author, currently living in the Pacific Northwest with my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. I enjoy reading, traveling, and being a mom.

I have been a self-proclaimed romance novel junkie for as long as I can remember. One day I decided to try this thing called writing and never looked back! I am currently working on the Karli Lane series which spans both paranormal and urban fantasy genres. I try to incorporate all the goods when I write: Romance, suspense, drama, mystery, comedy, you name it! If you’re a fan of vampires, fairies, witches, and warlocks (oh my!) then I have something to offer you!

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