Vampires, Warlocks and Exes by Laura Lee – Review – “Leaves you wanting MORE!”

Vampires, Warlocks and Exes by Laura Lee



Becoming immortal sucks.

Karli Lane is a hot mess. Her hormones are out of control, her heart can’t decide between two men, and most of her magic is still a mystery. To top it all off, a beautiful stranger with ties to the past shows up in Vegas, raising questions and wreaking havoc.

With her immortality fast approaching, new dangers lurk on the horizon. Secrets are revealed, making her question everything she thought she knew. Will she be able to get her act together in time? Or will she fall victim to those who wish to see her demise?

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Grade: A- (Five Stars)

Review by Kayla for Sunshine and Mountains

I enjoyed the first book in this series and was happy I had the second one to continue with. I hate being left on a cliff. Karli is having a hard time with her hormones being crazy and she can’t decide between two men and her magic is still a mystery to her. Then a stranger comes into her life. Could things get any more complicated??? She wants so many things and is struggling with her immortality that is approaching. This book has twists and turns and leaves you wanting some more. I can’t wait for the next book. The first one was my favorite! It was book was good though!

*I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review

About The Author:


 I am a Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy author, currently living in the Pacific Northwest with my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. I enjoy reading, traveling, and being a mom.

I have been a self-proclaimed romance novel junkie for as long as I can remember. One day I decided to try this thing called writing and never looked back! I am currently working on the Karli Lane series which spans both paranormal and urban fantasy genres. I try to incorporate all the goods when I write: Romance, suspense, drama, mystery, comedy, you name it! If you’re a fan of vampires, fairies, witches, and warlocks (oh my!) then I have something to offer you!

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