Review: Slight of Hand: Shadow Games by Jennifer Fales! Outstanding Hybrid Story!

Article first published for RebeccasReads


Slight of Hand: Shadow Games!

Jennifer Fales

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I’ve read a lot of different hybrid stories, mostly centered on wolves, but occasionally, you’ll see another variety of hybrid, dragon/human, etc, but I thoroughly enjoyed the hybrid world given to us in “Sleight of Hand: Shadow Games” by Jennifer Fales.

We’ve got hybrids of all kinds of animals, from wolves to rats, and even dolphins. This took a lot of thought, it’s just logical, and it works. I am sad that I didn’t read the first book, a short novel that covered the events before this book, you should read that first, because though you’ll get into the book and it won’t matter much, there will be references to times and events you didn’t know about so it gets a little confusing. Otherwise, you jump into this book, right into the action, though you don’t quite realize it yet.

The first character you meet isn’t the best one in the book by far, but you need to start there, so read on! You don’t want to feel hindered because the old rat shifter bored you. She’s supposed to be boring, but she serves a point. If I were a reader, downloading a sample from Amazon, it might have lured me away from buy it. I honestly think that’s the only criticism I can give this book. You will get right in the story shortly, so don’t even worry about this beginning, it only gets better!

I read this book, slow at first, and then faster and faster, I keep thinking of the characters when I wasn’t reading, and what was going to happen, and such. It is mind boggling how fast this book had me wrapped around its pages. I started to become more interested and then all of a sudden, I was totally sucked in. I had to know what was going on, and who and what. It’s just so compelling. I love dystopian stories and this combined the hybrid science fiction elements with some dystopian ideals and it all worked together so well.

“Sleight of Hand” was well written. The dialogue flowed and the internal thoughts were written so well. I usually have issues with people who do inner thoughts because they are so hard to make realistic. This book made me believe it was realistic to have dolphin hybrids and that I wanted to meet them! There’s not always one villain and one hero, there’s a mix of people all living life, and doing what they believe needs done to survive.

Overall, I thought this story has a really large amount of good things going for it. It was unique, fresh, and original, and that’s one of the best things a story can really be. I’m glad the author gave us an index in beginning of all the characters, because between not reading first one and then the pace of this story, I needed to look back and see who people were. But, I can say I highly recommend this story. Readers of Science fiction, action and even dystopian will enjoy “Sleight of Hand: Shadow Games” by Jennifer Fales because it’s interesting and it’s got something really outstanding building!

Sleight of Hand: Shadow Games
Jennifer Fales
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781432799731
Reviewed by Cianna Reider for Rebecca’s Reads (1/14)

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