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If there’s one thing in my blogging journey that really makes me proud, it’s the fact that Marie F Crow, the visionary genius behind The Risen series, has chosen this blog to be the home of her killer books! 🙂 I was lucky enough to reach out to Marie and beg her to let me read a copy and review it, and finally she did! It’s been heaven ever since, so I can’t even explain to you how excited I am for this! This Anniversary edition of The Risen Dawning is loaded with new scenes, and will get better insight to readers about some of their favorite characters! I’m so excited I could burst! 🙂 I’ve heard rumors this book, “reads like a whole new story”

Get Excited

Giveaway Note!

Marie F Crow is giving away a signed Dawning on her Facebook Page!  Go enter to win!!


Helena Hawthorn has lived her entire life in the dark shadow of her perfect younger siblings, The Hawthorn Angels. Now as the world awakens to a new horror, she will have to risk everything to keep them safe or forever be haunted by the failure to keep them alive. Each day will bring a new victory, or a new scar, as Helena learns that the dawn waits for no one.

With her newly bonded family, the local motorcycle club G.R.I.T., they will discover the world now holds much deeper horrors for them than they could have ever imagined. The Risen not only stalk the earth but stalk their nightmares as well.

And Finally, The covers! 🙂

view view 2

Aren’t they totally just what you would want? I know I want that zombie face sitting on my coffee table! It’s perfect! Stay tuned to the blog for more updates as to other new Marie F Crow books, and when you can grab your own copy of The Risen Dawning Anniversary edition! 🙂

About The Author:


Marie F Crow is the author of the post-apocalyptic series, The Risen. She weaves her stories around the human element of the horror verses the “monsters” themselves. She believes that the real horror of life does not come from the expected, but from the unexpected responses of the human nature and what depths of trauma a person has to survive in certain situations. She began writing The Risen series when feeling that the popular genre was slipping too deep into the realm of pure “slasher” and forgetting what the horror of zombies can mean for a story.

Now with her children’s series launched, Marie hopes to use her favorite “monster” as a teaching tool to inspire children to understand that not everything that looks scary, is scary. With Abigail and Her Pet Zombie series, Marie hopes to further spread her love for all things “that go bump in the night” with small children showing them that it’s okay to be different and to embrace those same differences in those around them.

Marie F. Crow

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