#Review – Stan by Richard Wold – A deep journey into good & evil!

Stan by Richard Wold


Ever since he survived a suicide attempt, New York artist Stan Foster has not been himself. Plagued by amnesia and a head full of visions of death and destruction that fuel his ever-more disturbing work, he claws his way through a life he doesn’t recognize in search of his true identity. What he finds leads him to believe he is Satan, spit out from the bowels of hell to live among the mortal inhabitants of earth. Is he delusional, or is there truth behind this troubling revelation? One woman can help him find out. Enter Abigail: lapsed Catholic, lonely city dweller, and psychiatrist with a heart of gold. Meeting Stan makes her question everything she’s believed about faith and humanity for so long, but she must overcome her own troubled background to offer him the redemption he needs—and ultimately wants.

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4 Stars – B+

This was an interesting concept novel. I’ve always said I look for books which strive to break from the normal, and this book definitely did that.  We meet Stan, when he decides to end it all, and throw himself off the Washington Bridge. I mean talk about grabbing a reader. This book makes you commit right from the beginning and keep reading. I like how the author approached the topic of Satan, he doesn’t automatically assume you believe in him, because like the character most people are unlikely to jump to that answer first, but assume mental illness or shock. I do like how human nature plays a role in this book, really character driven, and we get some insight into what drives them. Wold really makes the reader question things throughout this whole book. You may come into this book knowing what good and evil are but by the end, I bet you’ll be questioning a little bit. You get influences in Stan life, both what we’d consider good and evil, but there’s something laying under the surface of both of them, so who can he really trust? I do wish they would’ve let us get to him being Satan on our own, leaving hints and clues instead of basically spelling it out for the reader, I didn’t enjoy that. I like a little more mystery and a little more work on the readers part. There’s a little bit of romance in this book as well, but it doesn’t play a primary theme at all, mostly this book has elements of a mystery and a thriller, with a long inner running conflict on what really is good and evil. I enjoyed it, I thought it was refreshing, though some choices the author made didn’t resound with me, but overall a good read and something new.

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author:

Richard Wold is a business owner and consultant. He currently lives in Gurnee, Illinois. Stan is his first novel.

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