#Review – Fiat by Jeffery D Schlaman – #Financial #postapocalyptic #thriller.. Definitely something new!

Fiat  by Jeffery Schlaman



By the fall of 2016, the country is already on the verge of financial collapse, despite the most aggressive actions conceivable by the Federal Reserve. When foreign debt-holders suddenly dump their debt in an act of aggression against the United States, hyper-inflation ensues, bringing the government to its knees.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Fiat-Jeffrey-D-Schlaman/dp/149356093X

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20296598-fiat

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** Review done in conjunction with SayWhatSavannahMae, check out her site for more info**

** I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own**

 5 stars

Something I completely love? Books with post-apocalyptic/dystopian themes and undertones. I adore being terrified of what the future may hold for me, what technology will bring us, when the government will cause. This genre is one that allows so many authors the chance to predict the future in a way, so I hold it to pretty strict standards, because if you’re going for that genre, you need it to be a believable course of action that leads us there. Which brings me to this book… Fiat..

This book addresses a terrifying future that hits home, a little too hard considering the current economic issues our country faces. I don’t think a book with financial implications has every scared me before this novel, but this one did give me a bit of fear. Things you don’t take a lot of time to think about sometimes have a way of creeping up, and I feel that way about this book. I don’t really think too much about our economics and financial issues as country, but as I was reading this book, things started feeling more and more realistic. Look what a ruined economy did during the great depression.. Materialism is a running theme in this novel. Humankind and our need for things, newest and best.

Overall, I thought the author has a very strong skill for the technical part of the novel. Written well, flows good, and interests you pretty quickly. As for the plot, it’s good. It is set in the near future, which makes it a bit improbable, I admit, but none the less, it’s a frightening concept to think of food going up to $100 for some things. We don’t deal with one main character in this novel, rather a variety of people at all different stages in their lives. We get some high powered (or used to be) people like Chairman of Federal Reserve or a Bishop, but we also meet a stripper, police officer and some others. All these people trying to survive, and some trying to fix things, and not always honestly. I have to say, I normally don’t like books with multiple characters, because things get muddled, but in this one, I have to say it worked, and really tells the story how it needs to be told.

So, would I recommend this book?  Yes, fans of thrillers, political novels, and even some dystopian would probably enjoy this book, or at least be a little shaken up by it, and that does seem to be the author’s point, and a point well achieved.


What do you think?  Are you interested in picking this book up?

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