#Review: Reflections on Life by Jon M Nelson! A look at a #soldiers life through poetry! @jonnelson75poet

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Reflections on Life

Jon M Nelson





A poetic look at life through a soldier’s eyes. There’s more to a soldier than serving and defending his or her country. There is real emotion and humanity inside the hearts of each and every one. In Reflections of Life you can feel the emotional look at humanity from a soldier’s perspective. Author Jon M. Nelson expresses his experiences and raw emotion of his military career as well as an outlook on life in general. There are so many problems and issues that this world faces today, and he addresses many of them in his own poetic style.

“[Jon’s] words are inspiring heartfelt and loving. As an army wife, a lot of the poems hit home and gave me goose bumps, tears, and smiles.”
-Brooke Brown, Army Wife

“This is a very well put together piece. There is something in here for everyone, and one can tell that a lot of thought and passion went into this… I consider it an honor to have the privilege to put my loving stamp of recommendation on it, a beautiful piece of quality and verbal craftsmanship.”
-Peter N. Peveto, author of ‘Is It Me Can You Tell’

“This is a very well written compilation of poetry that will tear at your heart strings. Grab your tissues as you sit down and enjoy this author’s work.”
– Sheila Reem, member of the Patriot Guard Riders


Three Stars

Living in a very military heavy state, and having family members who served and are serving, I think it’s a special thing for a solider to take time to write something special, and meaningful, and emotional about their journey and struggle.  Jon’s collection of poems includes a lot of thoughts, feelings and experineces that allow us to see a bit through the eye’s of a solider, and feel as they would feel in situations.

Overall, the content was great. You could tell the author was pulling from some real touching thoughts and experineces, and that allowed the heart behind the words to show up. As for the actual technical aspects of the poems, I felt it was a bit disjointed, didn’t have a nice flow in the pieces, and between each one, and really needed to be condensed a bit more, and really allow for the small details to pop. I did enjoy this poetry collection, but in the actual factors I look for when reading a collection, I have to say this one needed a bit of work. Could this collection work really well?  Yes! It’s got heart and story, but it really needs to be molded a bit more, more thought put into words and descriptions, and really tightened up to allow a reader to really feel what you’re writing.

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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