Review: Up in Flames by Lori Foster – Check out this steamy novel! @BerkleyRomance @lorilfoster

Up in Flames by Lori Foster


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Body Heat

The last person Melanie Tucker wants to find herself trapped with on a party boat is her nemesis, Adam Stone. As always, he’s too smooth…and a bit too sexy for comfort. But when they both fall overboard—and wind up stranded together—Melanie just can’t resist all the delicious body heat smoldering between them….

Caught in the Act

When a robbery goes bad, undercover cop Mick Dawson can’t believe Delilah Piper (aka mystery writer Lela DeBraye) was just in the wrong place at the wrong time—and neither do the perps. The only way to protect her while he investigates what really happened is to stick with her 24/7—and try not to fall for the object of his investigation!



by Catherine for Sunshine & Mountains

Grade: B+ (4-4.5 Stars)

*copy was received from publisher via NetGalley for review.

Up in Flames is two novellas put together.

Body Heat

Melanie Tucker grew up with money, her parents sheltered her and she always felt alone. Adam Stone was from the wrong side of the tracks. They’ve known each other for years, but they haven’t seen each other in seven years. They find themselves on the same boat and the passion they felt back then is still there. When they fall overboard and stranded on a deserted island all the old feelings come up. It was a wonderful short story, it left me wanting more.

Caught in the Act

Mick Dawson is an undercover cop and has fallen for a woman he has never met. He sees her jogging by and decides today is the day he will talk to her. He follows her into a jewelry store, before he gets the chance to speak to her the place gets robbed. While trying to protect her he is shot in the shoulder. Delilah Piper is so thankful she offers for him to stay with her while he recovers.  He agrees to stay with her so he can protect her because he has a feeling someone is out to get her. She has a very unique personality and Mick likes her just for who she is. Mick is a very honorable guy. It had just the right amount of suspense and romance. All the characters were very likeable and seemed so genuine.

Both novellas Wedgwood and very enjoyable for short reads. They were engaging and kept me wondering what was going to happen next.

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