The Rising Trend: Podcast Marketing


Podcast, or internet radio as it was once called, has been around for awhile. For most marketing professionals, podcasts haven’t yet cracked the list of the most marketable sites, but as podcasts are growing in popularity, there are a few reasons that either starting a podcast or getting your service marketed on a podcast, may be an up and coming trend in the future. According to an article on Forbes, 57 million Americans listen to at least one podcast a month.

From a Marketing standpoint, Podcasts are still a relatively new area of interest. One of the main reasons that podcasts have been a struggle for marketers to look at is the lack of analytics. Shows can find out how many downloads they get, and what general area they come from, and a few select items, but they are very limited. But, a big announcement for 2017, Apple is including analytics for their podcast app. With analytics, we will be able to figure out how long people listen, when people stop, where they listen to, and so much more.

When looking at podcasts, there are two options. Having a podcast, or being a guest. Having a podcast is one of the first decisions to make. One of the best points to this choice is that you can control the content, and you can have direct access to your potential customer. According to an article, you have an automated service. People “subscribe” to your channel, and are alerted every time you publish a new episode. The only downside is that podcasts are a lot of work, and 80% of podcasts die within the first 10 episodes. People often don’t realize how much work it takes.

According to a popular podcaster, Jason Horton, “Interviewing a guest on your show is a great way to team up on marketing resources. They’ll promote the podcast on their website and social media channels as well and help your show go viral.” You are able to take people who are experts in areas of interest and use that to leverage your brand and product platform. When a podcast is successful, it becomes a great outlet for getting advertisements, both for your product and for others as a form of affiliate marketing.

Being a guest on a podcast can also be a great PR tool, according to Forbes. When choosing to be a guest on a podcast, you can focus on your brand and platform, and spread the word without having to do all the work. Hosting a podcast involves time, money and equipment, whereas guesting can allow you to work some PR magic without having to invest.

Either way, you look at it, podcasts are a new avenue to explore for PR & marketing individuals because the popularity has grown, 10 to 20% increases each year, and has continued to be steady. As Apple releases new analytics, I think there will only be more opportunity for growth.

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