Don’t miss Almost Home by Madisen Kuhn!



From the Instagram poet and author of the exquisite Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better comes a gorgeous poetry and prose collection that explores the meaning of “home” and the profound discovery of finding it within oneself—perfect for fans of Rupi Kaur and Amanda Lovelace.

In this stunning third collection from Madisen Kuhn, Madisen eloquently analyzes some of life’s universal themes within the framework of a house. Whether it’s the garden, the bedroom, or the front porch, Madisen takes you into her own “home,” sharing some of the most intimate parts of her life so that you might also, someday, feel free to share some of yours.

Filled with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations from Melody Hansen, this boldly intimate, preternaturally wise, and emotionally candid collection encourages you to consider what home means to you—whether it’s in the lush, green-lawned suburbs or a city apartment—and, more importantly, explores how you can find it even when home feels like it’s on the far-off horizon.

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A lesser-known fact about me, in undergrad I minored in Creative Writing, and put together a portfolio of poems, and creative fiction. I don’t write much anymore, but I still love poetry, so I was over the moon to receive a copy of this book. I loved it. So many lovely poems that really get into the heart of what home is, how we choose our home, and the feelings of losing that sense of home. For me, the best poetry comes with a side of heartbreak, and you can’t write unless you’ve felt that pain and Madison Kuhn has. I cannot recommend this collection highly enough, it’s well done, and really transports you, and you get a sense that “home” is just one of those concepts we’re all working on trying to nail down. This is one that I’ll keep pulling out to re-read because these poems just resonate. Grab a copy for your shelf!


Madisen Kuhn is a writer and photographer living in Charlottesville, Virginia. She likes to explore topics of identity, belonging, sexuality, and mental illness in her work. In 2015, she self-published Eighteen Years, a collection of more than two hundred poems, and in 2018, published her second collection, Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better, with Gallery Books. She was named as one of “5 LGBT Poets to Celebrate This World Poetry Day” on, and is currently pursuing a BFA in Studio and Digital Arts with a minor in Creative Writing.

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