Non-Fiction: BRAIN INFLAMED by Kenneth Dr. Bock

Non-Fiction: BRAIN INFLAMED by Kenneth Dr. Bock

From renowned integrative physician Kenneth Bock, M.D., comes BRAIN INFLAMED: Uncovering the Hidden Causes of Anxiety, Depression, and Other Mood Disorders in Adolescents and Teens (Harper Wave; On-Sale: 3/2/2021; ISBN: 9780062970879) , a groundbreaking approach to understanding adolescent and teen mental health disorders.

Over the past decade, the number of twelve- to seventeen-year-olds suffering from mental health disorders has more than doubled. While adolescents and teens are notorious for moodiness and rebellion, parents today are navigating new terrain as the risk of their children struggling with mental health issues is increasing. But the question remains: What is causing this epidemic?

In BRAIN INFLAMED, acclaimed integrative physician Kenneth Bock, M.D., shares a revolutionary new view of adolescent and teen mental health—one that suggests that many of the mental disorders most common among this population (including depression, anxiety, and OCD) may stem from the same underlying mechanism: systemic inflammation. Dr. Bock explains the essential role of the immune system and the microbiome in mental health, detailing how imbalances in these systems—such as autoimmune conditions, thyroid disorders, or leaky gut syndrome—can generate neurological inflammation.

Dr. Bock’s comprehensive, integrative approach considers the whole-body health of his patients. In his evaluations, he often uncovers triggers such as poststrep infections, Lyme disease, gluten sensitivity, and adrenal dysfunction—all of which create imbalances in the body that can produce psychological symptoms.

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KENNETH BOCK, M.D., is an internationally recognized pioneer of integrative medicine and the bestselling author of Healing the New Childhood Epidemics, The Road to Immunity, Natural Relief for Your Child’s Asthma, and The Germ Survival Guide. He’s also an in-demand national and international speaker. Over the course of his thirty-five-year career, he has become known for his unique ability to identify and untangle the most complex, multisystem, multisymptom medical cases. His world-renowned private practice, Bock Integrative Medicine, is located in Red Hook, New York, in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

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