What I’m Into Wednesday – July 21st

Starting a new series on the blog of what’s going on with me. What I’m reading, working on, watching, listening to.


In our house, we’re usually reading one book for bed, my boyfriend and I together, so right now, that’s The Spine of The Dragon by Kevin J. Anderson. We’re really enjoying it but we just started.

For Downtown Colorado Springs Bookclub, our monthly pick was The Starless Sea, which I’m currently listening to on Audible. The narrators are amazing, and I’ve got about 12 hours left and about 8 days, so we’ll see how it goes!

For review books, I’ve got a pile waiting on me, but I’m probably most excited for:


For Your Own Good

People of Abandoned Character


Right now, I’m watching The O.C with my friend. We’ve both seen it and we’re currently in Season 2.

When I’m not watching that, I’m addicted to what I call Trashy Boat Show, aka, Below Deck. It’s about people on a luxury yacht, and I think it’s insane and easy to watch.

You can watch it on Peacock.

Listening To

Right now, I’m obsessed with Julia Michaels new album, Not in Chronological Order. It’s so good, like everything she puts out, and it’s been on replay.

Working On

Right now, outside of my Podcast producing business, (Which you can check out here) I’m trying to get back to the gym more regularly. I signed up, mainly for the classes, since I do Beachbody on Demand at home, and to get myself into some kind of routine.

What are you into right now? Comment below, I’d love to hear about it.

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