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#GoVoxBox Review & Recap


Today I’m posting a blog about the amazing samples I got from Influenster in their #GoVoxBox! I love getting these fun boxes and products in the mail to try, and this one was especially fun, since I’m really working on being active, staying healthy, and getting in shape! All these products are all related to fitness or activity in some way, so it was totally fun to try them all out and see what things were like! 🙂

So Here’s a list of what came in my box! 🙂


Product Brand Facebook Handle / Hashtag
Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Playtex Sport and Gentle Glide @Playtex_Sport / #PlayOn
Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake (3 shakes & shaker!) The Vitamin Shoppe @VitaminShoppe / #NextStep
Blue Diamond Blueberry Flavored Almonds Blue Diamond Almonds @BlueDiamond/ #GetYourGoodGoing
Profoot Triad Orthodic AND Profoot Pedi Rock Profoot Care @Profoot_Inc / #GoProFoot
Aqua Spa Bath Salts Aqua Spa Bath @AquaSpaBath /  #RelaxwithAquaSpa
1 Voucher for a FREE Muller Yogurt Product Muller Quaker @MullerQuaker / #MullerQuaker

So, I tried each product out, and I have some comments on each one!

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance – These are great for an active lifestyle! Thanks to Influenster, I have two boxes, lol, and I think I’ll be set for awhile! 🙂

Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake – Shakes were pretty good. I wouldn’t say they’d be a solid meal replacement shake, but as a snack or post workout, these shakes are quick, easy, and the shaker bottle is so much fun, and makes it easy on the go! Grab water, or a single serve almond milk, and shake it up! 🙂 The berry was my favorite, followed by Chocolate, then vanilla! Check them out online!

Blue Diamond Blueberry Flavored Almonds – This is a fun departure from the average almond. Pretty good, but not organic and some fake sweetners used, so not going to be a go to food for me, but as an occasional snack, it’s pretty solid~

Profoot Triad Orthodic – SO comfy! I love it! It fit in my tennis shoes and work shoes, and made walking/running so much better! This would be a good investment for anyone! Easy to fit into shoes,and really good support!


Gearing up for a run

Profoot Pedi Rock – Perfect for my feet! Any rough spots were buffed out, without pain, and without hassle! This pediRock is awesome! You can do it wet or dry, and it leaves a nice smooth surface after, and easy to clean! 🙂

Aqua Spa Bath Salts – So relaxing! I didn’t think a picture of me in the bath was appropriate here, but overall, I liked this! It soothed my muscles and relaxed me after a long work day and a busy workout! It’s so perfect and it lasts a long time! Definitely a good investment for those who like to relax from time to time! 🙂

Muller Yogurt – Tasty, but again, lots of fake sugar, so not something I’d use often, because I try to reduce my sugar levels, especially fake sugars. But as for taste, good, it was fun to mix it up and create a blend.

2014-06-05_1041Grabbing my yogurt at the store!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my box, and check out some of the companies in the future! 🙂