Calling King Hall Lovers, join King Hall Street Team!


Scarlett Dawn, author of King Hall, is looking to build her street team, so…

I’m asking you, how much did you love King Hall??!


If your answer is, A LOT!…

Contact me!

Street Team Leaders 

President – Judith 

Manager – Fiona 

Manager – Brenda 

Manager – Patty 

Manager – Cianna 

Manager – Vikki

Street Team consists of sharing, loving and otherwise pimping King Hall, and getting Scarlett Dawn’s amazing book to people everywhere! She writes amazing novels, and us at Forever Evermore Street Team (FEST) want to make sure everyone hears about them! Being in the street team, gives you a change to win awesome King Hall prizes, get access to King Hall material first (sneak peaks, ARC ect) and generally awesome friends we love the same book as you!

If you are interested, use the contact form above, and let

me know! Or DM me on Twitter, Message the page on FB!

Get ahold of me! We need you! 🙂