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So, if you’re like me, and you’re trying to get fit, and figure out this healthy eating thing, and basically living on pinterest, I’d like to share with you some of the things I’ve learned…

First off, stop obsessing! Find something, and try it… not just for a week, but for awhile, see how your body reacts to it, that’s the key. There’s so many fads, workouts, diets out there, and honestly it’s overwhelming.

Second, you need to change your diet. Getting a nice summer body isn’t all in the workout, it’s in the eating, and I know, if you’re busy like me, you’ll be running around, cramming whatever food you find.



Hence, my challenge. Me, and two other killer beachbody coaches (who are just regular people with job,and families who love the workouts and products and are trying to share), are holding a nifty little challenge group on FB. You get samples of various flavors of Shakeology, and workouts, meal plans and much more! You can bascially step into the world of Beachbody! This, I beleive, is critical because good products do cost money. Nothing is free in the world, but until you are sure a workout system, or shake is right for you, it’s hard to invest…

Check this video out:


Shakeology is summed up best in the video, but basically it blows the normal protein shake right out of the water. It’s packed with everything you’re searching allover for, all in one. I’ve been taking probiotics recently, to help with my body’s digestions, and let me tell you, those pills aren’t cheap, but then I saw shakeology contains them, along with cancer fighting ingredients, veggies and so much more… but I wasn’t totally sold, because let’s be honest, the taste is what counts, and no one but you can decide on that…

But, give me 5 Days, $20, and your focus, and I bet you’ll see a great change in your health! Shakeology is wonderful. I never have time for a good breakfast, but shakeology is quick and easy, and packs a punch… Check this out!



Do you see that?  Look how it adds up, on grabbing something on the way to work or on the way home! Before you think that $20 is too much for some samples and a killer FB group.. just think about how your life could change! 🙂


So, if you’re interested, give me a holler, on here, on my FB page, on Twitter, or via my contact form, and let me know! I’d love to get a ton of people to try this! Just think, how often to you spend twenty dollars on something silly, or stupid?  Now, you can spend it to change your health! 🙂


*I am a big fan of shakology, I’m not getting paid to post this. I’m just trying to share the program and it’s benefits. As a Beachbody coach, I do make money if someone buys a program or workout.

Book Slut Challenge: Day 1 – Top Three Must Read Series!

So, in line with our theme for August, I’m starting Day 1! Let’s dive right into it! 🙂

Three Must Read Series!

This is tough, as I’ve done so much reading in the last year, both mainstream and indie writers!

(You can click the photos to head to their websites!)

In no particular order…

1. “The Boy” series by Meg Cabot

bookcover3   bookcover2  bookcover1


These books are basically your favorite romantic comedy, put into book form ,which you can take with you and read throughout your day! 🙂 I went on a big kick earlier this year, reading all of Meg Cabot’s adult and YA books. I wanted to prove I could do it, and I always wanted to reach my goal of reading 300 books this year (Though I think I’ve got more than that on my Kindle currently!) I loved these books, Meg has a sassy, comedic style in her adult writing, and just the right amount of smart humor. Her leading ladies have real jobs and aren’t looking for a man to take them away. They love their careers, and the are just living life. I highly suggest this series to any women out there, because they are funny, smart, and cute, and just the perfect summer fun read 🙂

2.  Branded (A Sinners Series) by Abi & Missy

Branded Abi&Missy wrapFINAL-1


So technically, this will be a series.. the second one is coming! They have promised me. I adored this book, which you can read about here.

This dystopian novel falls in a long line of similarly set novel, futures too disturbed or shocking to be real, but where society has degraded to. Abi & Missy do an amazing, wonderful, outstanding job of creating a horrible future, and making it so real and so raw and enticing. The plot centers around the 7 Deadly Sins, the way the society now convicts their criminals. In the current society, if you were accused of one of the 7 sins, you were branded, and thrown in the prison camp, The Hole. Lexi, accused of lust, has been thrown in the hole, with her personal guard Cole. This story about overcoming your reality and finding grace and hope. Lexi is a stunning character, and a real triumph of human spirit and hope. You need to start this series now so you won’t be left out when book two has us all talking! 🙂


3. All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness

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Not only do these books have the most wonderfully intricate covers, but the story is incredible. Don’t get me started on the whole vampire/ human thing, but this story, which has a witch/vampire love story involved. The first book is a bit slow, and has more descriptions of food then are completely needed. (Always talking about food, wine, food, wine) It’s set in Oxford, which is the most perfectly beautiful setting to imagine. But it’s the second book that really made me love this series and eagerly wait for the third one! History buffs, pay attention, they travel in time! They go and visit Queen Elizabeth I!! This for me made the book. I am a lover of Elizabethan fiction and non-fiction and enjoy seeing Elizabeth portrayed in books. This book has her cast as the jealous, vain queen that by some accounts she really was. But Matthew (vampire) and Diana (witch) really develop as characters in this second book, and give the readers waiting pains for the third one!! 🙂

If you wanna see a different take on this Day 1 Challenge, check out Tiffany’s Book Hangover, as she’s fighting her way through this challenge as well! 🙂

Love to see your thoughts in the comments as well! What are your three top series!? This one was hard, as I love so many, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Hunger Games, so so many! 🙂