Spotlight: Blood of Kaos by J.D Miller

So a new book has crossed my path and fell into my reading lap! I’m so excited to have this book on my To-Read list! It’s a heavy fantasy novel, set in a whole different world.

The cover looks awesome, check this out

So a little about the book, here’s a quick blurb!

In one night, Etain is torn from a world of childish innocence to be plunged into a realm of deadly chaos. Forced to run for her life, she stumbles into the realm of the Alamir, human warriors infused with powerful magic who defend the delicate balance between good and evil. But not even the Alamir can protect her from the Bok’Na’Ra pursuer that murdered her family.

Lord Darknight and Midir, raised as brothers, are the light and the dark of a single soul, split apart by ancient priests when but a child. Midir has known of Etain’s existence most of her life and has conspired to possess the power she holds, power that will give him reign over the evil Bok’Na’Ra, nemesis of the Alamir. Lord Darknight, Dar to those closest to him, unaware of her existence, rescues the young woman after a violent clan battle which proves to be a pivotal moment in both their lives. His charge as a Krymerian mandates he protect and train her in the ways of a warrior however soon realizes their connection runs much deeper than teacher to student. 

Old friends reunite and unexpected alliances are forged as Midir’s thirst for power escalates. It will take the courage of an Alamir, combined with the strength of a Krymerian, to battle the dark brother’s rising influence over the Bok’Na’Ra while, at the same time, will test a passionate bond too powerful to ignore.

Come on, tell me that doesn’t sound like a kick ass fantasy novel? J.D Miller is a indie author, self publishing this book, and working on her second book.

More about J.D Miller from her website:


“I’m just a little ole Texan living in the motherland – England – with my English husband. I moved here about 3-1/2 years ago leaving all my family & friends back in Texas – parents, brother, 2 daughters, 1 son, 1 talented grandson & 1 gorgeous granddaughter.  But, on the bright side, I resumed my writing which had been put on hold for far too long. There was a time when I dreamed of being an Interior Designer however that was shot to hell. It’s okay, really, I’m fine with it now. Being an author has its share of stresses but most are self-inflicted – not because of some insane client telling me how to do my job.

Blood of Kaos is the first. I have learned a lot on this path and my style has changed immensely along the way.  I hope that whatever I write you will always enjoy.”

You can reach out to J.D Miller via her website, facebook or goodreads, and she’d love to hear your thoughts on the book,  so check it out on amazon or smashwords, and give this indie author your support! 🙂