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PR & Social Media Practices: lululemon, Fabeletics and Ellie

One of the biggest topics for entrepreneurs┬áis branding. Positioning yourself correctly in your market, and aligning with the right client is important. Your message will determine who comes to you. This is equally important when dealing with PR for a major brand. Whether you’re Lululemon, McDonald’s, or RedBull. Your messaging on social media needs to be consistent with what your audience expects from you. For my case study, ┬áI chose to look at Fabeletics for their Facebook, and compare them to their competition. As Fabeltics is an online only store, I decided to look at two different options for competitors. I chose Lululemon, which is an in-store & online fitness clothing company, and Elle, which is an online-only subscription service for fitness wear. Each of these different brands is at a different price point. lululemon is the highest price. They provide high-quality activewear and are known for quality so the price tag can be higher. Fabeltics is the middle ground. It is partly a subscription service. People will be charged monthly for credits unless they skip. These credits are about $60 and can get an individual a workout outfit. Lastly, Ellie. They are a monthly subscription box at $35 which provides a workout outfit to the subscriber every month.