#Cover #Reveal! @MarieFCrow ‘s The Risen Courage! This cover will blow you away!

So today, I’m extremely excited to show you the new cover for the soon to be released, The Risen Courage by Marie F Crow. This book is supposed to be emotional, or so the lovely author has been teasing us with facebook quotes such as:

“There are so many deaths in this book, I feel like I should be in a confessional asking for forgiveness.”

“Courage stands at around 102’000 words right now. Editing has a way of adding a few 1’000 more as I fill in the words my fingers ignored or round out scenes with more dialogue. I hope it will be as good for you as it has been for me. Yes, I’m fully prepared for the anger it may inspire. It just means readers are as invested in these characters as I am. Truth be told, I’m a little angry at myself for this one.”

“I’m at a very interesting part of ‘Courage’. I’m not sure which way the story will go. I guess the real dilemma is, how many more funerals do I want Chapel to have to hold?”

I mean honestly, how do you handle this!? Well, by looking at this amazing cover!

RisenCourageCover RisenCourageBack

How badass is this? I am beyond excited for this book, despite the authors depressing teasers, because I know Marie F Crow has got a plan and a point, and because real life doesn’t end happy, why should books? I hope you are all as excited as I am, and stay tuned to the blog for my review coming very soon, and more information on the release day for this amazing novel!

Also, just another reminder, while you are waiting for Courage, The Risen Remnants is currently FREE until end of the day today on Amazon, so swing over and pick up a copy, and encourage your friends to do so too! 🙂

Remnants Sale

Halloween Week – Day 2 – Horror of Halloween! Featuring Tim Miller, Marie F Crow, and more!

Halloween Celebration

Day 2 – Halloween Celebration – Celebrating Horror in books!

For today’s Halloween feature, we’ll be featuring some amazing horror novels, both indie and mainstream which scream horror, and I’ve also included Neil Gaiman’s list of best Halloween books for young adults! Books for everyone! Take a minute to look over the list, and find some Halloween reads to share with your family!

Some Indie Horror Reads for Adults! Just a few choices to check out!

 Tim Miller – The Dark Exorcist

Amazon | Goodreads


A.K. Kuykendall – The Possession

Amazon | Goodreads


Tahir Shah – Eye Spy

Amazon | Goodreads


Marie F Crow – The Risen Series

Amazon | Goodreads


Neil Gaiman’s 11 Scary Book for Young Readers!

So here’s a list of Neil’s favorite scary books for young readers. Find more recommendations here!


The Time of the Ghost by Diana Wynne Jones


The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King


The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury (This is one of my all time favorite Halloween reads!)


The House With a Clock in Its Walls by John Bellairs


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz (This book is what made me a horror lover from Childhood!)


Goosebumps by R.L. Stine


The Witches by Roald Dahl


Krabat (AKA the Satanic Mill) by Ottfried Preussler


The Thief of Always by Clive Barker


Aunt Maria by Diana Wynne Jones


Something Wicked Comes This Way by Ray Bradbury


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Good luck! 🙂


Guest Post: Marie F Crow – What Does a Horror Author know of Horror?

Originally posted on Marie F Crow’s website, re-posted with permission of author.


What Does a Horror Author know of Horror?


What does a horror author know of horror? When living in a home haunted by the ghost of a little girl, plenty. When we moved in the home, we excused a lot of the noises as simply being new to us. We shouldn’t have. Within the first week of calling our new home, home, shadow figures were soon a constant sighting. We dismissed alot of it to “tricks of the eye” or “too many late night movie binges”, but when the clock struck three a.m., it became hard to dismiss it as anything imagined.

The house always takes on a different feel as if by magic or some twist of the senses. The air in the home will start to feel thicker, heavier as the shadows grow deeper. Footsteps can be heard running up and down the hallways’ wooden floors. Voices will call to you as you pass doorways. Sometimes, the little girl will even stand in those doorways staring back at you. When that happens, you almost miss the voices.

Being a mom and a writer, I am often up late at night. That is when I do the best work with no one to ask questions about dinner or homework. I had thought the girl, and the others that seem to roam the house as if we are the guests, and I had struck a deal. By announcing that I was coming downstairs, I was able to avoid a lot of the surprises they used to gift me. They would still let me know I was being watched by the moving of papers, swinging the hanging lanterns, turning on the LED tea lights, or the rush of wind as a shadow crossed my path, but they also allowed me space. They wouldn’t touch me anymore or run up behind me to watch me spin with dread. They wouldn’t pull the doors shut as I tried to open them or slam them as I walked past like an angry teen. I could work with their “hellos” if they just gave me some space. I’m not sure why it changed.

Now, it is not uncommon to see the shadow of a man standing at the top of the stairs at anytime of the day. Sometimes he will wait, lurking the in shadow right past a doorway only to step out as you pass. He will walk behind you, letting you see him in the mirrors of the house and when I shower, I am never really alone. You would imagine that to be more scary for him?

Pictures are torn down from walls to be discovered broken on the floor when going to investigate the loud crash. Even with his new tricks, hers are more impressive. My husband will tell you of the many times she has ran up behind him, waiting for him to turn around only to run away again. You can hear her little feet running all the way from the bedrooms upstairs to the den and back again like a child playing a game of hide and seek. Only, we don’t really want to seek. She has even woken him with gentle shaking motions from sleep to lead him around the house in a state of half-slumber with that same game before she disappears. That is when he remembers that our girls are in bed asleep and have been the whole time.

For me, she plays a different game. She likes to stare at me through the cracked door of my office as I write. With only half of her face visible, I can still watch as she smiles at me when I finally see her. She will follow me from home in the back seat of my car where I will see her in the review mirror before that same smile and she is gone. I can watch her baby-sized handprints form on bathroom mirrors. Her laughter will sometimes come from opposite ends of the house when I am home alone, taunting me to “come play”. I don’t. I have seen enough horror movies to know what happens when you say “Hello?” into a dark room.

So, what does a horror author know of horror? My friends will tell you more than she needs to know. For me?  I think it’s all fun and games, but if the crosses should start turning upside down or my children start talking in languages that I don’t understand – text speak aside – you might want to ask me again.

Marie F Crow


Things to do now:

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Check out Marie’s website

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Tweet her on Twitter

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Exclusive! The Risen: Remnants Cover Reveal and The Risen: Margaret Review! @MarieFCrow


The Risen: Remnants

by Marie F. Crow

Novella – Zombie

Marie F. Crow Publishing

Soon to be released!


Horror Synopsis

Please Lord, Don’t let my daughter see me die today.

Beth Clark lives on the edge of an abyss. Everyday is spent fighting for her survival, and the survival of her teen daughter, Genny. Their lives have been shattered by a vaccine that was supposed to have been a modern miracle.  A vaccine that is turning the living into monstrosities of their former selves.

Now, only remnants remain of their past lives. Mother and Daughter will struggle to survive with what this new world hold for them as they discover the dawning of The Risen.

Horror Links

Marie F. Crow’s website

Marie F. Crow on Facebook

Marie F. Crow on Amazon

Marie F. Crow on Twitter

Marie F. Crow on Goodreads

The Risen: Dawning on Amazon

The Risen:Dawning on Goodreads

The Risen: Margaret on Amazon

The Risen: Margaret on Goodreads

Horror Author


Marie F Crow believes that monsters should keep you up at night with the thoughts of “what if” stalking your mind. She began writing horror after feeling the genre of zombie horror was getting too far away from actual horror, forgetting what a zombie is, and what that can mean to your world.

The recent advents of movies and literature have pushed the concept of the flesh eating undead too far into the realm of the mundane and cute. There is a need to once more rehash the genre with the proper respect to the psychological ramifications, and sheer horror, that the monsters deserve.

That sheer horror of possibly having to kill your friends, family, or anyone else for that matter before they become a shambling corpse willing, even driven, to consume the flesh of their own. The psychological destruction to the minds of the living their deaths could cause to those around them.

With the release of The Risen series, she hopes to, once again, breathe fear back into the genre that has always been a favorite of hers. Crafting her stories with honest emotions, and believable circumstances, she creates her world with an added twist to the classic monsters. She believes nothing is sacred in the land of horror inviting the reader to explore the depth of that concept by luring them deeper into her realm with visual images and emotional drama wrapped with a sparkling, gore dripping bow.

With open arms, she welcomes them back into the world of horror hoping they enjoy the ride, but requests they do keep all their limbs inside the ride at all times. The Risen are waiting, and they are hungry.

Horror ReviewHorror A

There’s supposed to be a plus after that A but my cool horror font didn’t want to allow that! 🙂

This is another amazing, A+ review for Marie F. Crow!


Another outstanding book by the author of The Risen: Dawning. Margaret’s story is a wonderful, and much needed, side story for those of us going through Marie F Crow withdrawal. I am dying, waiting for the next book, and this book was able to save me. This book brought me out of my dark, sad, lonely pit that I threw myself in after The Risen: Dawning ended. I wallowed but then got Margaret, and I’m so incredibly glad I did.

As negative review point out, this book is very detailed. So if you want a easy read, don’t want to actually have an amazing storyline that you’ll be tied up in, or really have to think at all. There’s zombie books for that, ones that don’t challenge to conceptions, don’t make you think. This isn’t that one. Crow challenges the zombie genre, she enflames it, she makes it better and brighter. She is perfect. I just reached the point before reading her first book that I was fed up with zombie stories. Everyone follows the same idea, and it just got to be too much. Crow doesn’t do that; Crow renewed my faith in this genre.

This book is incredibly well written, just like the earlier ones. It’s got such a strong concept; beautifully written and heartbreaking. It’s in the perspective of a 5 year old Kindergarten student.  There are comments about the ending, and yes, I will admit, I joined people. The ending is hard, prepare yourself, but Crow writes an amazing story, and doesn’t rely on gimmicks. This story ends how you’d expect it to end. That’s the thing about her writing. She’s not moving us to some world where the rules we’d see in real life has changed, and the cripple in the wheelchair can fend off the zombies easily. This book is how the zombie story would play out. It’s survival of the fittest, the strongest.  The people that may survive in the end are those that will be able to stay healthy the longest, fight the zombies off. It’s not for the young, the weak or the old.

As I’ve said in earlier reviews, I love Crow’s writing style. Crow finds a way to make a zombie massacre beautiful. She writes both the good and the bad same way. She makes the beautiful, tragic at times, but beautiful none the less. She gives us zombies to fear, people to love, and a storyline to sink our teeth into, and that could sink it’s teeth into us! Margaret is no exception. This little novella was amazing. It has all the right ups and downs and was a perfect companion novel to The Risen Dawning. Crow does an amazing job pulling us into the book, and taking us on this ride, but it doesn’t guarantee a happy ending, it doesn’t guarantee safety. You come on this ride knowing that you have no guarantees but you have an amazingly written story, amazing characters, and a very very good story.

You won’t regret picking up a single book by Marie F Crow, she’s an amazing writer, with a clear eye for story, and a whole lot of dedication to the genre. She knows how to write a story that will tie us up in. She’s definitely one to watch. Out of all the zombie novels I’ve read, or movies I’ve seen, no one gives us the perspective and detail that Marie F Crow does.

I can not wait to read the next one and see the other things coming from Marie F Crow in the future! 🙂

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own **

Review: Eye Spy by Tahir Shah, “A bit of medical drama mixed with Silence of the Lambs”

***Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official. For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: www.facebook.com/NerdGirl.ng ***


Eye Spy

Author: Tahir Shah

Genre: Dark Comedy


Publisher: Secretum Mundi



The greatest eye surgeon of his age, Dr. Amadeus Kaine is fêted by royalty, dictators, Hollywood, and the international jetset. An epicurean of sophistication and dark obsessions, he’s devoted his life to locating the perfect food.

While treating one of Central Asia’s most depraved despots, Kaine is given a little pie to eat – a delicacy reserved for guests of the president. It’s the most delicious thing that’s ever passed the surgeon’s lips, and one that has seemingly miraculous effects.

All of a sudden, Kaine finds that his bald patch is growing over with thick black hair, and that his body is healing itself from the inside out. But, best of all, he realizes that his mental faculties are stimulated in ways he never believed possible. He can write books in a few hours, learn languages in a matter of days, and effortlessly solve problems from world hunger to global warming.

The drawback is that the dictator’s little pies are prepared with human eyes, taken from convicts working in the opal mines. Horrified that he’s unwittingly become a cannibal, Amadeus Kaine can’t think of anything but getting his hands on some more of the illicit specialty.

Obsessed in particular by green eyes, he begins hunting for victims to satisfy his wayward craving. While perfecting his method, he learns to appreciate the subtleties in taste. As he does so, a terrible affliction strikes – Occulosis.

An eye disease that has jumped the species gap from industrialized poultry farming, the virus rips through society, robbing the masses of their sight. The only man who can save the world is the inimitable Dr. Kaine, who is himself on the run.

One of the strangest tales of obsession, mania and intrigue ever told, EYE SPY will quite literally change the way you see the world.


Wizard A+

Tahir Shah’s Eye Spy delighted more beyond what I expected. This book’s synopsis caught my eye, and I decided to grab this book from Nerd Girl’s review list.  I always keep an eye out for the unexpected, because I feel like those unexpected titles often yield great things. Eye Spy is an unexpected, humorous horror. Tahir weaves a tale so dark that you wouldn’t think you’d enjoy it, but the bursts of humor make this a quirky mix that goes down quite well. The don’t lie when they say you’ll see the world a whole different way after reading this book! I sure am, and I’m loving it!

I’m going to break down my review a little more detailed:

The Cover: This cover is extremely eye catching, not to be punny. It’s got eyes everywhere. It’s visual, and attractive, and makes you wonder what’s going on in the book.

The Plot: The plot of this book develops naturally, it leads you to unexpected places, and gets you there with logic. Tahir’s puts a disclaimer that this book was inspired by a photograph, and he has no real knowledge of eyes, surgery or anything this book basically deals with. He asks that we suspend belief and read the book. This book is so well written, I’d never know that he didn’t research these procedures, diseases and other things we come across in the book. He builds a plot, step after step, and you don’t always see it coming. He weaves a tale, so dark, so far fetched, that it’s so hard to believe it’s true, but the way it’s written, you can’t be quite sure.

The Characters: Dr. Amadeus Kaine, leading eye surgeon and main character of this book, is such a detailed character, well rounded, and intricately built that through the trials of the novel, you can see the character devolve so wonderfully, and turn into a whole other person. The doctor Jekyll/Mr.Hyde complex that we deal with it written so wonderfully that you don’t even realize it’s happening until it’s already happened.

The Writing: Tahir’s writing style is so fluid, you don’t realize how much time you’ve lost in the book. You turn pages, wanting to know more, and never realizing that he has spun you into his web of details. Each detail interlocks to other details, and slowly brings you to the complex conflicts that are littered through the book. You don’t see each plot turn coming, until it hits you in the face. Don’t fret though, you’ll love it. His writing doesn’t leave you wanting more, or less. It gives you the perfect amount of humor, action, horror and suspense. It’s all wrapped up together perfectly.

Overall this novel gave me everything I could’ve wanted.  I loved it, I flew through it and didn’t want it to end. The numbering of the chapters to the cover art, everything worked together so perfectly. This isn’t a novel for the squeamish. If you’re a person who faints at blood, or can’t watch a medical drama, this book may not be for you, but for the rest of us, this book was wonderful. I’ve read Silence of the Lambs, as well as Thomas Harris’s books, and this could’ve been among them if not for the wonderful weaving of humor. The action, the suspense and the horror are all reflected that classic style of book! This is definitely a book to check out! I loved reading it and will be super glad to have it on my shelf!


**I was given a copy of this book, by the author, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by this gesture**





Author’s Website

Author’s FB page

Author’s Twitter

Author’s Pinterest

Author’s YouTube

Publisher’s website

About the Author:


Tahir Shah is the author of fifteen books, many of which chronicle a wide range of outlandish journeys through Africa, Asia and the Americas. For him, there’s nothing so important as deciphering the hidden underbelly of the lands through which he travels. Shunning well-trodden tourist paths, he avoids celebrated landmarks, preferring instead to position himself on a busy street corner or in a dusty café and observe life go by. Insisting that we can all be explorers, he says there’s wonderment to be found wherever we are – it’s just a matter of seeing the world with fresh eyes.

In the tradition of A Thousand and One Nights, Shah’s first 2013 release, SCORPION SOUP, is a treasury of nested tales. One linking effortlessly into the next, the stories form a cornucopia of lore and values, the kind that has for centuries shaped the cultural landscape of the East. Amusing, poignant, and thoroughly entertaining, the collection stays with you, conjuring a magic all of its own.

Shah’s 2012 novel, TIMBUCTOO, is inspired by a true life tale from two centuries ago. The story of the first Christian to venture to Timbuctoo and back – a young illiterate American sailor – it has been an obsession since Shah discovered it in the bowels of the London Library twenty years ago.

His 2011 collection entitled TRAVELS WITH MYSELF is a body of work as varied and as any, with reportage pieces as diverse as the women on America’s Death Row, to the trials and tribulations of his encounter in a Pakistani torture jail.

Another recent work, IN ARABIAN NIGHTS, looks at how stories are used in cultures such as Morocco, as a matrix by which information, values and ideas are passed on from one generation to the next. That book follows on the heels of the celebrated CALIPH’S HOUSE: A Year in Casablanca, lauded as one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 Books of the year.

His other works include an epic quest through Peru’s cloud forest for the greatest lost city of the Incas (HOUSE OF THE TIGER KING), as well as a journey through Ethiopia in search of the source of King Solomon’s gold (IN SEARCH OF KING SOLOMON’S MINES). Previous to that, Shah published an account of a journey through the Amazon on the trail of the Birdmen of the Amazon (TRAIL OF FEATHERS), as well as a book of his experiences in India, as a godman’s pupil (SORCERER’S APPRENTICE).

Tahir Shah’s books have appeared in thirty languages and in more than seventy editions. They are celebrated for their original viewpoint, and for combining hardship with vivid description.

He also makes documentary films, which are shown worldwide on National Geographical Television, and The History Channel. The latest, LOST TREASURE OF AFGHANISTAN, has been screened on British TV and shown worldwide. While researching the programme Shah was arrested along with his film crew and incarcerated in a Pakistani torture jail, where they spent sixteen terrifying days and nights.

His other documentaries include: HOUSE OF THE TIGER KING, SEARCH FOR THE LOST CITY OF GOLD, and THE SEARCH FOR KING SOLOMON’S MINES. And, in addition to documentaries, Shah writes for the big screen. His best known work in this genre is the award-winning Imax feature JOURNEY TO MECCA, telling the tale of the fourteenth century Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta’s first pilgrimage to Mecca.

Tahir Shah lives at Dar Khalifa, a sprawling mansion set squarely in the middle of a Casablanca shantytown. He’s married to the graphic designer, Rachana Shah, and has two children, Ariane and Timur. His father was the Sufi writer, Idries Shah.

Review: Small Things by Joe DeRouen – Perfect Horror!

Small Things by Joe DeRouen



“It’s a hot June morning in a small Midwestern town when fifteen-year-old Shawn Spencer arrives at the church for his best friend Tanner’s funeral. Though his drowning was officially ruled an accident, Tanner’s sister Jenny swears she saw something rise up from the Carthage Lake to pull the struggling teenager beneath the surface.

Shawn doesn’t believe in monsters… but he will…

The real threat, however, lies in the man behind the monster, a mysterious old man who has vowed to settle an old grudge and regain something that was stolen from him decades earlier. To survive the dark days and nights ahead, Shawn must not only decipher what the man is after, he must move past his own grief, fears, and insecurities, and learn to trust in Jenny, the disgraced town sheriff, and, most importantly, in himself.

The Small Things trilogy spans forty years and three generations in a tale of murder, betrayal, corruption, sacrifice, love, redemption, faith and magic that culminates in a showdown that will pit the very forces of heaven and hell against Shawn and his family in a battle for the future of mankind and the world itself.”


Grade:  A

This wan’t a short novel ,but any means, but I didn’t want it to be either. I found myself flipping pages, over and over, getting deeper into the story, and losing hours. This isn’t just your typical monster story, though the author gets you to believe that at first. You fear the monster, you worry for the characters, then you dive deeper into the story, and see what the real monster is, and there’s no turning back. You are hooked into this story, and you want to see it play out.

All the characters are well written and interesting, and feel realistic. A nice time setting for this book, in the 70s, made everything fit together much nicely then if it were taking place in current day. We feel for the character, we root for them, and worry for them. They are a part of the story, and we become one too.

Joe has mastered horror. He gives us the creepy details, the wonderful foreshadowing, and the threat of danger. He keeps us looking over our shoulder for the monster, and leaving the lights on while reading. There’s a mix of Stephen King, James Patterson, and even some J.K Rowling in here. He crafts the horror, the mystery, the magic and suspense into one story you can’t stop reading.

Even the first sentence grabs you.. Some one is following him. Right away, we want to know, we get involved, and it’s a ride we won’t soon forget!

I’m so glad there’s more books to follow this one because honestly, Joe DeRouen is a great writer who is full of potential.

This is another one of those books that I wish I had in paperback, signed, on my shelf for everyone to see, because he’s going places with his writing, and I’m glad to have been a part of it! J

** I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and not influenced in any way.

About the Author:

Joe was born in Carthage, Illinois, and currently lives in Rogers, Arkansas with his artist wife Andee, their son Fletcher, and their cats Lucky, Milo, and Camptown. Joe is a freelance writer and a substitute teacher at Benton County School of the Arts. In addition to writing, he enjoys purchasing (and occasionally watching) copious amounts of Blu-Ray discs, listening to music, playing video games, and collecting Mego action figures from the 1970s. Small Things is his first novel. Threads, the sequel to Small Things and the second book in the trilogy, will be published sometime in late 2013. You can write to Joe at Joe@JoeDeRouen.com or visit his website at JoeDeRouen.com.

Review: The Risen: Dawning by Marie F Crow – Bringing the Zombie Novel back to Glory!

The Risen – Dawning  by Marie F Crow

Paranormal Fiction/Romance (Kick Ass Zombie Novel)



Helena Hawthorn has lived her entire life in the dark shadow of her perfect younger siblings, The Hawthorn Angels. Now as the world awakens to a new horror, she will have to risk everything to keep them safe or forever be haunted by the failure to keep them alive. Each day will bring a new victory, or a new scar, as Helena learns that the dawn waits for no one.

With her newly bonded family, the local motorcycle club G.R.I.T., they will discover the world now holds much deeper horrors for them than they could have ever imagined. The Risen not only stalk the earth but stalk their nightmares as well.


Grade: A+

I don’t often give A+’s for book reviews, because honestly, it takes a lot for me to think a book couldn’t be a teeny, tiny bit better. A’s are wonderful, well written, interesting books, but A+ means, it has no fault in my eyes.

The Risen: Dawning is an A+ book for me for numerous reasons.

Marie F. Crow has an outstanding writing talent and a unique voice to her novel. The introverted thoughts, along with the fabulous descriptive writing kept me tied into the story from the moment I started. I felt how the characters felt, I smelled what the characters were smelling. Marie has an unbelievable talent for involving all 5 senses into her writing that few authors today do.

Zombie novels are a dime a dozen, and it’s almost comical how many there are. We lost the innate fear that zombies have the power to create. But not in this book; this book harkens back to a George A Romero zombie movie, a classic. Not in the plot, but as a real horror story, giving us chills, and sticking with us. Filling our minds with the wonderfully created terror that oh so few authors have the ability to grasp. She gives us the gore that so often has been ignored. Zombie and gore go hand in hand, and I’m glad to see a author who truly understands that.

She manages to interweave horror, humor, and a bit of romance is a way that’s natural, progressive, and interesting. There’s nothing in this novel that hits you over the head, no cliché scenes. Marie takes the zombie novel and elevates it into a movie for the mind. Every detail is there, each description is alive, but not overly wordy.

The character development of Helena as a character was also exciting and painful all at the same time. She has to wipe away years of resentment in a single instant, making decisions based on gut. She’s a strongly written, well described character. She has heart, a bit of humor, and a multitude of thoughts that help us really get into her character and sink into the story.

I’ve seen the reviews on Amazon for this book, and if you do not enjoy original thoughts, wonderfully well written stories, with lush descriptions, then fine, don’t buy this novel. It’s your choice and we can respect that.

In my opinion, saying that this novel isn’t worth the 2.99 price is a travesty. Readers who want to see new things, to be brought into a whole new world, experience great writing that uses wonderful description can be assured The Risen: Dawning is a great choice. I honestly loved it, and thought that it was a fresh take on zombies with a unique and not unwelcome writing style. Some may say it’s wordy, but I think it’s perfect.

I plan to buy the paperback and hunt the author down to get it signed, because this belongs on my real bookshelf, not just my kindle shelf! 🙂

** I was honored to have been given a copy of this novel, to read, and review honestly. All opinions are my own. I stand behind my comments.

If you’d like to delve into the world Marie F. Crow has created, check out her book on Amazon, and interact with her on Facebook, or Goodreads!